Hackaday Newsletter: Now Including “This Day In Hackaday History”


A while back we toyed with the idea of doing a look back on hackaday history. We weren’t sure how often to publish it, or what exactly to publish. Now, we’ve decided that this will be the main part of the Hackaday news letter. You can sign up here if you haven’t already, but hurry I’m sending out today’s newsletter in a couple hours!

Each email (1-2 a week) will have that day’s history going all the way back to roughly the beginning. It will also have a quick blurb about what video I’m working on or any other little hackaday news bits.

26 thoughts on “Hackaday Newsletter: Now Including “This Day In Hackaday History”

  1. I don’t get the whole concept of a email newsletter???

    I get enough business, personal, and way to much spam each day via email – why do I need a newsletter?

    Put the information you’d put in your newsletter ON YOUR WEBSITE. That way when I go to your website, I have the option to read thru whatever info you have to offer.

    So what am I missing? What’s the advantage (to either you or me) with the newsletter?

    1. We want to reach people in as many ways as possible. It is just smart.

      This is a bonus. A feature that is neat to have. If you don’t want it, just don’t sign up. If you don’t sign up, I promise I won’t send you a newsletter.

      1. That sounds great, except there’s content in the newsletter which is not being posted to the site so users who don’t sign up miss out. I check the site almost every day (usually multiple times), but with the number of useless emails I get in any given day I’d likely miss the newsletter half the time even if I signed up for it.

        Keep the newsletter, the more ways available for you to get content out the better, but if you’re going to put in content that doesn’t make it to an article then please make the newsletters available on the site for those of us who’d prefer not to clutter our inbox further. A separate “Newsletter Archive” tab would be great.

      2. Caleb! I just wanted to say thank you as I’m sure thousands of other have. I have been following hackaday since nearly the beginning and spreading the word as much as possible. I watch your videos and feel like i’m part of a bigger community of techies. Just keep rocking and I’m looking forward to each and every newsletter even with the thousands of emails i recieve from work and personal. Take it easy and have a great day! If you get bored (and this is not spam) check out some of my classics? lol I have been wanting to tech them out. facebook.com/bluemarlinmotorsusa. Feel free to delete that link if you dont want it on your page sir.
        Long Live Hackaday!
        -Cameron C.

    2. You don’t NEED a newsletter. HaD is about delivering hacks every day to its audience and does it pretty well. The newsletter is just a way to supplement the experience for those members of the audience that want it. You don’t want another newsletter? Don’t sign up. I think it’s a great idea and a great way to expose readers to a great number of hacks that they may have forgotten about or missed a year ago or more.

      It’s all supplemental information. The hacks that will be featured in the newsletter are ALREADY on the website. Caleb’s videos WILL END UP on the website. So what you’re suggesting is already happening. Personally, I’d love a little bit of background into HaD history and an inside view of what’s going on in between article releases.

        1. Why would one e-mail address be signed up three times? Is there some alternate dimension in play here? How do I harness the ability to receive the same newsletter three times to the same e-mail address? How long before the spammers start exploiting this? So many questions…

      1. You mail in a pigeon and a USB drive, the disk gets the content put on it, and the pigeon gets released, only to be eaten by a hawk on it’s way back to you.

          1. …and I’m already working on the automated hawk-release system. (Featuring a Parallax Propeller — just to do something a little different.) You know, to complete the full experience.. :-D Gad, I _love_ HaD!

        1. Long fist wrote : …and I’m already working on the automated hawk-release system.
          Was this you? -> http://www.3ders.org/articles/20130517-3d-printed-robot-bird-getting-attacked-by-a-hawk-during-test-flight.html
          The above would certainly allow for HaD to be sent an SMS message
          containing GPS coordinates. The SMS message would trigger the
          HaD 3d printer to print out a 3d hawk to deliver that associated
          USB to one’s door step. For an extra copyright fee, one could
          get it delivered to one’s hand. ;) http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/robotics-hardware/robotic-bird-airplane-lands-right-on-your-hand

  2. ah well, maybe tomorrow there will be a second post with a pic of a time machine where we can read about time circuits lol “featured before” or not, i would read it

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