5 Year Mission Continues After 45 Year Hiatus

There have been many iterations of the Star Trek franchise since the original Star Trek 5 year mission series aired in 1966 including a cartoon series in 73, a new television series in 87 and many movies on the big screen. Those series and movies inspired many youngsters to pursue a career in the fields of science, engineering, technology and cinema. Now the franchise is coming full circle with a fan based Kickstarter funded web series. Those inspired fans are attempting to complete the original 5 year mission “to boldly go where no man has gone before”, which ended after only three seasons on the air. The fan based and fan supported reincarnation is cleverly titled “Star Trek Continues” and has CBS’s consent.

The production company behind this effort, [Far From Home, LLC], is owned and operated by [Vic Mignogna], who also plays Kirk in this web series. They have already finished the first amazing 51 minute web-isode titled “Pilgrim of Eternity“. The film may seem campy, but it’s not. They are sticking to the original format and using the sets that were used in the sixties, rightfully so being this is the continuation of the mission. This new web series has some very interesting actors. One is the well-known Mythbuster [Grant Imahara], who plays the role of Mr. Sulu. The actor playing Mr. Scott is [Chris Doohan] the son of [James Doohan], who played Mr. Scott in the original Star Trek series.

There are more details and episode 1 after the break.

Those not old enough to experience the original television series may not fully understand or appreciate how important sticking to the exact studio sets, simple props, sound tracks and cheesy video effects is to the completion of this passionate project. Truly “less is more” when making such a perfect reenactment of a vintage TV production. If only we had some tin trays with tinfoil covered meals it would be perfection!

This may be a project of passion but it also costs real dollars to produce and keep the mission on Trek. The Kickstarter linked above seeks to help fund the next three episodes. If they are as good as the first, they will be worth every bit of scratch you can part with. One reward level was a Blu-ray of episode 1 for $50, that would have been a great stocking stuffer. Unfortunately this reward was pulled, but there is some chatter in the comments about bringing it back. At the time of writing this article, they aren’t quite halfway to their $100,000 goal. Maybe they will bring back the Blu-ray reward and we can push them across the finish line.

80 thoughts on “5 Year Mission Continues After 45 Year Hiatus

    1. I strongly disagree. The main problem is that their voices are ALL too high. Grant is a decent sulu – Better than New Voyages. Chekov was quite good, and Chris Doohan had his dad’s accent down. Much better than JJScotty OR NVScotty.

      Sure, they’re not AAA stars, but they’re Trek, far more than any other fan show yet. Moreso than JJ, and really even moreso than the last few official series.

      1. Frankly, I liked the voices and they would be a bit more authentic if they were processed like voices in the 60’s were. More mid-range and bass, less higher end sounds. Think AM Radio voice processing profile instead of FM Radio type processing.

        Yes, the actual pitch of them is a little higher, but that would not stick out as much with different processing to more closely match what was done in the old series.

      2. I don’t know how you think Grant was decent, I found him to be the single worst of the whole lot (the guy who played Spock a close second), I don’t know what accent he was trying for, neither does he since it seemed to change every other scene.

        With more actual you know, actors, it would be great, the look and the story is perfectly TOS and those that can act got it absolutely right. Unfortunately too many of them just can’t.

        1. I’m not sure what you’re talking about – Grant consistently had no accent (or should I say he had a standard TV American accent) and everyone I know who watched it specifically commented that his voice was very close to Takei’s. He might not be the best actor in the group (needs to work on his dramatic/upset reactions a bit) but he definitely had the voice down.

          1. One scene Grant was in just seemed clumsy itself, but looking at him, and watching him, he was more Sulu than Takei was sometimes. The guy who plays Kirk might be OK if he was taller. I think the Kirk character has to play it a little more tongue in cheek too like Shatner did. Spock I didn’t like. I think the actor playing Spock is playing them too soft. Spock was a bad ass. The actress they have for Uhura I’m not sure if they’re ever going to get that to work. She doesn’t look right, and she certainly doesn’t have the attitude that Nichelle Nichols brought to her character. About the only thing McCoy had going for him was the color of his shirt. Scotty doesn’t look right, but he sounds right. The Scotty actor might be coming on a bit too soft too though. Chekov is OK, he might need to ham it up a bit more.

            I don’t think anyone on the cast of the original show had much respect for it. Every episode they thought it was their last. After the original Trek was canceled, then picked back up again, the whole format of the show was even changed, to be less hard sci-fi, and more of a creature feature program.

            So the axe was always over the whole original crew’s head and they all ran like they knew it too. But they didn’t plod like they were going to the gallows, no, they ran for their lives! They didn’t feel they had to live up to themselves either, or think they had any trouble filling their own shoes.

  1. Scotty’s acting is a little hammy but the special effects and set design are to my eyes virtually indistinguishable from TOS. I think it deserves to be a great success.

    The only thing that really annoys me is the audio mixing. Kirk and several of the other actors sound like they are huffing helium between lines. Maybe that is just a youtube codec issue but I think there’s way too much treble in the general mix. Perhaps someone can FFT one of these episodes and compare with an original episode.

    I’ll be following this keenly. :)

    1. I have to agree with mattbed. Ever since a certain company took over, it seems like we’ve had more random nerd stuff (which you can find anywhere online) and less focus on curating real, in-depth hacks / projects.

      The buyout was supposed to keep the same old hackaday but with more relevant ads. Instead they’re pushing an increased volume of lesser quality content.

      1. Thats not really true at all imho.
        Long before the buyout people were moaning about X/Y and Z not being hacks. The frequency was increasing, but it didn’t jump after the buyout.

      2. It is not corp. that features the “less than hacks”, it is me :/
        Trust me, I got told every time by my editor “That isn’t a hack”. I have been a HaD reader for years and now I’m a contributor. I must say, I see the relevance for this article to our readers because of the influence such projects and shows have on the people in our community. Such sci-fi movies or web-isodes are very inspirational to the people that grow to be successful hackers and engineers. I didn’t know about Phase 2, but because of these comments I can add that to the knowledge gained from the HaD readers. Over the years I can say I learned as much from the reader’s comments as I do from the article content. Sorry this isn’t a full on hardcore hack, but I’m a hacker and engineer because of such cinema so I personally pushed for this article. And yes, I’m a backer and would love to see this make goal as well as the success of Phase 2

        1. Todd: One of the biggest issues with business is knowing when you are on the right path. Many businesses get by with visionary leadership, but even then the chance of “getting it right” is not optimistic.

          Businesses grounded in technology, internet, and social interaction have a way around this: they can solicit feedback from their users and use it to guide their actions.

          Why not implement a Hackaday polling system, and regularly put out questions like this for reader feedback? Something once-a-week, las the “Hackaday Links” section.

          I once ran a dinner-theatre business where feedback was required for repeat customers. If you wanted to come back, you had to fill out the form from the previous event.

          After a year of examining and addressing every problem, the system became so streamlined that the number of complaints dropped to about zero. We enjoyed a 2-year run where the oft-cited meme was: “[Our troupe] simply doesn’t have bad events”.

          You’re in a rare position, you can get feedback from customers to inform your process. It’s a powerful way to improve the site all around.

          1. Okian, Good idea. We do get feedback in the comments and to-date I’m getting the idea it is not best to include “non-hardcore” hacks on HaD. Some feedback is positive so it is hard to say and most get the highest comment chatter (good and bad). It seems the non-hardcore articles get the readers more involved with the community of readers.

    2. This!

      There wasn’t even an effort to bring this around to talking about a hack. It seemed like the author was going to try to tie it in talking about the original props and set and whatnot, but he failed to make the connection. Why am I reading about a kickstarter on Hack-a-Day?

      An even better question: Why did I bother to comment? :-)

  2. This project seems solely funded by people that haven’t heard of Phase2;
    Seriously. Star Trek TOS continued by fans and been going for over 5 years, 8 or so episodes so far. Many original stars reprising their roles.
    I just dont get why:
    a) This kickstarter exists.
    b) Why is the existing series is ignored – when they also need funding.


    And everyone that gives continues a go, should also give them a go too.

    1. beat me to the comment. Phase 2 was decent, haven’t looked it up in a while. I’ll look at this new attempt after I get home…but what I’ve read so far in the comments here has me thinking I’ll be underwhelmed.

    2. Also of note, the set of the bridge from phase 2 made it into TNG in the eppisode “Rellics” with James Doohan reprising his role as Scotty. I think some other props from Phase 2 also have made it into Star Trek spinoffs but I am not sure what.

        1. Its confusing, but he is talking about the original Phase 2, which was official abandoned planes for a show after ToS (long before TNG).
          Its where the webshow gets its name from, and some of the scripts.

          1. I stand corrected. It was one of those “hint of truth with large missing pieces of info” rummors you read on the internet. I was thinking of the fan show. After further reasearch the bridge on rellics was only a small chunk built for the show with CGI and a few preegsisting parts from a fan who also does props.

    3. Yeah the Phase 2 stuff is amazing. Not only have George Takei, Walter Koenig, Majel Barrett Roddenberry and other TOS actors contributed, DC Fontana even wrote an episode for them. One of the FX guys from Star Trek Enterprise contributed about a million dollars worth of CGI Their sets are basically indistinguishable from the originals. Fans of the original series would be very pleased.

  3. I’m nerdy enough to enjoy both ST:Continues AND ST:New Voyages. While they both faithfully recreate TOS, each has their own scripts and charm about them.

    One thing that ST:Continues has going for it is that James Doohan’s son, Chris, plays Mr. Scott and famous TV hacker Grant Imahara plays Mr. Sulu.

    What ST:New Voyages has going for it is a longer run with many more high-quality episodes, some including original TOS and TNG alumni such as George Takei, Walter Koenig, and Denise Crosby,

    I think that the two projects are somewhat related as well; I see from reading the IMDB page for New Voyages that Vic Mignona played George Kirk in two episodes and directed one episode.

    So like I said — there’s definitely room for both projects.

    1. did you notice two other famous appearances?

      the voice of the computer is that of Marina Sirtis aka Deanna Troi.

      The guy that was with Sulu on the outer-hull of the ship was none other than Jamie Bamber aka Apollo from Battlestar Galactica.

    2. No question both can exist. It just seems a little unfair for a lot of sites to be reporting on this one without mentioning Phase2. Considering Phase2 is mostly paid for by a single guy, its not exactly rolling in cash.

    3. I also have seen both ST: Phase II and ST: Continues. They are both high-quality productions, and it is frankly inspiring to me that we now have two top-tier fan-produced series continuing the original Star Trek’s “five year mission.” There never was any “franchise fatigue” (though Paramount did seem to do its best to drain the cash-cow dry). All we lacked was Star Trek from people who really understood the show. These two fan productions (Phase II and Continues) demonstrate great understanding of the essence of Trek, and, over the last few years, both have earned our support more than the “official” product. I can’t wait for new episodes from both production companies. Well done!

  4. Hack or not, this is interesting. Finishing TOS being sort of impossible to actually do, we can’t go back in time or anything, this very well could be a hack too. A hack of the elegant kludge variety, which is the good kind. The camp was strong with TOS. It looks so real I almost can’t see the string holding the spaceship up!

    1. Not sure the shows a hack, but I am sure they use lots of hacks to get it done!

      I think a “hack” for a TV show would be, for example, making a ending to Lost that answers everything scientifically. Or re-editing all the unexplained stuff out of BSG :P

      There was a edit of Phantom Menace to make it more serious, that was kinda a hack.

    1. Nor its spin-offs!
      (The Helena Chronicles was my favorite)

      Hidden Frontier is probably the hardest to get into due to its age and zero-budget. (urg, the green screening in season 1!)

      But its also very long running, with huge epic plotarcs and a universe that feels really rich.
      After watching all of it I reviewed it here:


      and its last episode here:


      8 seasons!
      The other fan trek shows should look upto HF as their grandpa or something.

      (If people wonder why I am posting so much, its because I am a Trek fan *and* a massive fan/believer in webshows :p)

  5. I found it thoroughly enjoyable, and far much more beter than certain recent big budget Star Treks. I thought the set work was fantastic and enjoyed the plethora of celebrity apperances. While Vic may be no James Cawley, he has actually delivered on an episode in the last 18 months, so there’s that.


    1. Maybe Cawley is slow because he is out of funds. Being the Elvis impersonations probably dont earn that much cash*. :p
      From what I remember they have 3 episodes filmed, but currently unfinished in other ways.

      *I say, not having a clue. For all I know its big business and he is stinking rich of it.

      1. He’s not stinking rich off of it. Paramount guards their flagship property vigorously, and none of the fan shows are allowed to make any money using the Star Trek name. In fact, I’d be very surprised if the various ST shows using Kickstarter or Indiegogo don’t get sued into oblivion.

        1. Actually, it’s the CBS side of things that overseas the licencing and the TREK property.

          They have no objection in projects raising funds to make these things as long as they are not selling the finished project in any manor,shape or form. ST:Phase II/New Voyages have been taking donations (beyond “Gift Cards”) for the last couple of years.

  6. Also, for Trek fans, check out DarkerProjects audio dramas Section 31 Files and Lost Frontier. I play a nurse in Lost Frontier. Sadly the episodes seem to have stopped coming.

    Pendant Audio used to have an AMAZING audio series called Defiant, but they killed it when they removed all their fan shows. Find it on torrent! (Used to have the whole DC universe as monthly episodes, plus Indiana Jones, Star Wars, James Bond, and a BTTF show that got killed on the DAY BEFORE RELEASE because the writers didn’t approve.)

      1. Didn’t say there isn’t a wish for some of the old charm, but it just doesn’t feel real if you emulate. Society has a different mindset, as do the actors, so it’s (almost) impossible to get the feel back I think.

  7. Haven’t the god-awful reboot films taught us that you can NOT go back again and you cannot replace Shatner, Nimoy, Kelly and the rest with other actors?

    I love TOS, and that’s exactly why I don’t want people mucking about with it, even if it’s thoughtfully done. In the proud Star Trek tradition, if you want to tell more stores, you make another spinoff, so it doesn’t damage all the prior cannon.

  8. Ugh, I just saw the video. Literally in the first scene they break cannon. A working Holo-Deck is a century away. In the pilot Episode of TNG there is a scene where Riker basically says “I’ve seen holographic simulations before, but never this advanced.” Yup the holodeck was a new-ish device at the start of TNG. You can’t tell me if Scotty got it working that well over 100 years prior that it would just sit on a shelf for that long.

    In terms of the acting it’s all bad. Scotty is hamming it up… he certainly looks and sounds like his dad, but it’s like he’s doing a bad impersonation of the character. Spock is terrible, it looks like he’s 20. Poor old bones, until fake Kirk addressed him I didn’t know who he was supposed to be and after he started talking I still didn’t believe it.

    The sets and VFX are fantastic, but then again Grant used to work for ILM, so that’s probably why. Hire some real actors and it might be ok. Note: By real actors I don’t mean popular people who are currently on tv. I mean competent character actors, which have comprised the cast of every single Trek series save Enterprise.

    1. Chemistry is a critical element in film. The cast might have to do some team building exercises together, or something. Perhaps the effort of producing the series itself will eventually make something out of them all?

  9. While others, including Phase 2, have broken a lot of ground in respect to fan-made episodes, I think these guys have it more right than wrong and they have the actual production talent to back it up for a quality product and not just get it “close enough” for the web. You can have all the guest stars you want from TOS, but if your production is shoddy, it’s just gonna make it seem that much less authentic. I’m looking forward to more from everyone, but especially Star Trek Continues.

  10. Some of the acting in this series isn’t so great. It really relies on a certain generosity of spirit on the part of the dedicated viewer. But, my God, Vic Mignonga as Kirk? He has it NAILED. Okay, his voice needs help, but physically I see him channeling Shatner’s version. And I don’t see that as simple.

    Technically: lightning, SFX, FX, sets … as far as I’m concerned Star Trek Continues is da bomb. As a true, Old School Trekkie, I felt chill in my spine when Apollo manifested on the bridge.

    I have never given anything to a crowd-funded project, but the next thing I do after finishing this message is handing over some of my hard-earned cash. I say “bravo”.

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