Trainable Robotic Arm


When [Robert] realized Adafruit is now selling analog feedback servos, he decided he just had to make a programmable robot arm that could be trained like the commercially available Baxter robot.

The neat thing with the analog feedback servos is it takes all the complexity out of training a robot. All you have to do is put the robot in teach mode, physically move the robot’s joints to the positions you want, and save your program! Depending on your application, it certainly beats trying to work out the fun kinematics equations…

Anyway, the full guide available on Adrafuit’s learning system provides instructions on how to build your own arm from scratch (well, with a 3D printer) or how to replace the servos in a pre-made toy robotic arm you might already have sitting around. It’s very thorough and includes all the code you need for your Arduino too.

Stick around after the break to see how the robot works!

8 thoughts on “Trainable Robotic Arm

    1. I’ve also written a some OpenSCAD scripts that generate a robot arm of any length. I didn’t make a gripper for it but the arm is designed for servos with feed-back so has in built cable guides and many places to mount sensors.
      It’s a nearly finished project, just needing a global configuration file, so you currently need to set the lengths you want in each file.

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