From EPaper Badge To Weather Station

ePaper Weather Station

[Jeremy Blum] converted his 2013 Open Hardware Summit badge, also known as the BADGEr, into an ePaper weather station. We’ve looked at the 2013 OHS badge in the past, and the included open source RePaper display makes it an interesting platform to hack.

To fetch weather data, the badge is connected to a Raspberry Pi using an FTDI cable. A Python script uses the Python Weather API to poll for weather data. It then sends a series of commands to the BADGEr using pySerial which selects the correct image, and inserts the current weather data. Finally, a cronjob is used to run the script periodically, providing regular weather updates.

If you happen to have one of the badges, [Jeremy] has provided all of the files you’ll need to build your own weather station on Github. Otherwise, you can take a look at the RePaper project and WyoLum’s eReader Arduino Library to build your own ePaper project.

7 thoughts on “From EPaper Badge To Weather Station

  1. I don’t think the title of this article (and the title of the linked page) accurately describe the project. This isn’t an e-badge converted to a weather station; instead, it’s a low-power display for an embedded device (the Raspberry Pi) which is retrieving the weather information. So, an admirable project, but not quite as exciting as the article title.

      1. @John Welcome to the modern world of news aggregators! I’m glad you ever able to figure it out on your own. In all seriousness though look there’s no point arguing the point hackaday is not in the wrong by using a variation of the project’s name in the title for the post. On top of that the post’s author wrote a few paragraphs in response to this article, so clearly it’s not simply a link aggregator but if you’re expecting more than that and demand critical thinking to be put into every facet of every post then you’re going to be vastly disappointed going forward.

        Folks have to stop being so hypercritical of what essentially is a free service to the community.

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