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We would like to share a bit of good news; Collin’s Lab is back on the airwaves of the Internet. If you didn’t know, [Collin Cunningham] previously created excellent short videos, sometimes entertainingly tongue-in-cheek, for Make Magazines on the subjects of electronic components and fundamental electronics. In 2012 he was hired at Adafruit as a Creative Engineer to help with software development and video production.

Going forward Collin’s Lab videos will be a regular feature on Adafruit’s Blog and their YouTube channel. We’re sure there is going to be tons of entertaining learning from Collin with his unique video production skills and presentation delivery.

This first release of Collin’s Lab on Adafruit is a primer review covering fundamental multimeter functionality and measurements. Not much here for the medium to advanced electronics hacker but for the beginner this is an excellent and quick way to learn the basics on using your multimeter.

If you want to checkout Collin’s older video productions you can find them on his Narbotic Instruments site under – “Make Presents” and “Collin’s Lab” or watch them all with this convenient playlist. Just after the break you can also watch his latest edition of Collin’s Lab.

30 thoughts on “Collin’s Lab Is Coming Back

  1. Why must every supposed instructional video or program nowadays be accompanied by some irritating piece of music playing in the background? This ranks with some of the worst I’ve seen – the plinky plonky crap is constant throughout and is far too distracting.

    If it’s supposed to be educational, then the presenter is presumably trying to get across some concept. In which case I want to focus all my attention on what he’s saying, not on the background music.

    Of course, that’s if it’s indeed supposed to be educational. If it’s just for entertainment, then turn up the music and forget what the guy’s talking about. I have seen many possibly good documentaries ruined by the background music. One was Brian Cox’s programs on astronomy. Although I dislike the guy, I simply couldn’t put up with the constant soundtrack – what one reviewer called “thumping electro-bass”!

    Gimme more of Dave Jones any day ;-) It took a while to get to like him and his style, but now I think he’s fantastic.

    1. You summed up my thoughts entirely. At first I was looking through my tabs trying to work out what was making that annoying plink plonk noise… then I realised it’s really on the video. Ughhh!

      eevblog for the win! Like you, it took me awhile to get used to his style but now I’m addicted to his videos!

  2. For us noobs to ‘lectronics, it’s good someone covers the very basics, and it fits in well with the ethos of HAD, one might be encourage the fledglings to greater geekdom, or at least infect them with the idea to make their own world…

    I for one thought it was good to know, as I gear up to review AC & DC circuits (It’s been 34 years). I the hopes of turning this thread into something better than a promo, what tools would y’all recommend to someone just getting into hacking? I’ve been thinking of getting an oscilloscope, and building a few other things. Is there perhaps a progression of projects you would recommend?

    @ Lindsay – sounds like someone needs to build a soundtrack killer… Wouldn’t that be a killer app? ; )

  3. Was this “Collins lab” or “Collins – directed by Ladyada – lab”?
    No, no, no and no.

    Collins lab used to be both fun and educational, but mostly fun. This was neither.

    Stick to your paycheck for office work Collin and let the videos be a memory of a distant past.

    1. @politisktinkorrektpappa, I have to agree with you on parts. I’m sure if they just let Collin use his own creative skills and not try to make him produce commercials then the videos will be great and wildly popular. Maybe he will sees these comments and stops the annoying background tracks. I like the little tune in the intro and ending but other than that the background sound is distracting. I do hope to see lots of his original quality content in the future.

      1. Limor hired Collin in order to use him for educational videos which also was part of a greater marketing scheme but why it took so long time until Collins Lab was back I don’t know. Limor is very good at marketing, really good in fact, but this attempt was way too transparant to pass as an “educational video” thus marketing is all that remains…

        Back in the days when Thrash TV was popular all attempts failed when big networks tried to make “big productions” out of amateaur basement studios and Collins Lab was low-budget enough to pass as “good enough for youtube” but this was over-engineered and obviously scripted by ladyada/Limor Fried.

        I used to find Collin funny (at best) and admired Limor for her determination – not so sure after this video…

        Nah, marketing fail!

  4. I think this is great news. Not sure why there are so many negative comments. His videos aren’t targeting people who already know what a transistor is or how to use a multimeter but just think of how many people would appreciate a fun introduction to a topic that can feel overly technical and challenging.

  5. Collin does indeed have a unique style. I met him at the 2009 Bay area Maker Faire. He’s a very soft spoken man off camera. As a video blogger I can appreciate the work he puts into his videos. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the nearly three years I’ve been doing Hack A Week it’s that you cannot be all things to all people. Keep on hackin Collin. :)

  6. I have always loved Colin. I think he’s as funny as hell. He did a comedy routine which was hysterical. It’s like I’ve known him all my life. I appreciate the facial expressions and the other worldliness of his thoughts as if the singular endeavor of electronix is just one mind blowing condor that picks you up and flies with you and you are terrified yet calm and the speed of flight is brought to a deafening hush and there you are looking at a capacitor. Limor’s idea of placing the multimeter on her shoulder and ear reminds me distinctly of burping a baby. I bought two expensive fume extractors. I hope they work. Whoooossssshhhhh.

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