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As MMA continues to grow in popularity, the competition is getting tougher. There’s always someone else out there who’s training harder and longer than you are. So how do you get the advantage over your competitors? More push-ups? Sit-ups? Eat more vegetables? What about installing custom 2 by 1 inch, 5 gram PCB’s armed with an ATmega32U4, a MPU-6050 6 axis accelerometer and an RN-41 Bluetooth module into each of your gloves? Now that’s what we’re talking about.

[Vincent] and [Jooyoung] of Cornell joined their classmates in turning out another cool piece of electrical engineering. Fight Coach records data from the fighter’s gloves so that it can not only be analyzed to improve performance, but also interact with the fighter in real-time.  Though not quite as immersive as some fighter training techniques we’ve seen, Fight Coach might just give a fighter a slight edge in the ring.

Fight Coach offers 3 modes of training: Defense mode, Damage mode and Free-Training mode. As usual with Cornell projects, all code, schematics and a wealth of information on the project is just a click away. And stick around after the break for a video demonstration of Fight Coach.

5 thoughts on “Step Into The Ring With Fight Coach

  1. Does it come with a warning label that states “MMA has more cases, and more severe types of brain trauma then boxing and football combined”.

    At least in the (very) old days, the gladiators seldom lived long enough for the accumulated head traumas to present.

    So much for living in a “civilized” time.

    1. Does vonskippy come with a warning label? “Caution extremely fragile, useless male, with no regard for personal safety via self defense, do not leave alone in bad place…. WILL GET MUGGED”

    2. Is this Hack-A-Day or Political Comment-a-day?

      Are you suggesting MMA evolve into a more traditional gladiatorial combat? We could get lions and tigers in the cage – but they’d probably want to make it taller, or perhaps add a roof – those cats can jump!

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