Find The Giant Jolly Wrencher At Maker Faire This Weekend


Check it out, I made something really geeky for Maker Faire. If you’re going to be in San Mateo this weekend for Maker Faire Bay Area, watch for the floating Skull and Wrenches. I won’t be alone, and my compatriots and I will be loaded down with stuff to give away to those who ask for it. If you are hell-bent on finding us, just check this Twitter list as we’ll frequently be tweeting our locations and exploits.

Want to grab a beer with some other Hackaday folk? Even if you’re not attending the Faire, you can take part in the festivities. We’re descending on O’Neil’s Irish Pub on Saturday night. You might want to let us know you’re coming. You can show up unannounced, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to squeeze into the 80-person-pub. If we have way too many hackers overflowing into the street we’ll probably split the party up and go bar hopping. The place is apparently right next to a train stop for your traveling convenience. We just hope to keep things tame enough to make it to Maker Faire again on Sunday morning, but we can’t guarantee that either ;-)

16 thoughts on “Find The Giant Jolly Wrencher At Maker Faire This Weekend

  1. Great to meet you! I will opensource the laser stuff if it hits the indiegogo target (hey, have to break even). Sorry if I was in a rush but I was looking for wayward handheld demonstrator.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. It was nice meeting you! I just yelled, “HACKADAY!” Sorry i didnt have time to chat more. As soon as i saw the Hackaday symbol i was amazed. i was scared i was going to get my phone air-hacked.


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