The Lightgame Project: A Multiplayer Arduino Game

lightgame_3Summer is upon us. The Lightgame Project is a multiplayer reaction time based game built around the Arduino. It’s a perfect rainy day project for those restless kids (and adults!). Designed by two undergraduate students [Efstathios] and [Thodoris] for a semester long project, all the hard work has already been done for you.

There are tons of reasons we love games that you can build yourself. For one, it’s an amazing way to get children interested in hobby electronics, making, and hacking. Especially when they can play the game with (and show off to) their friends. Another reason is that it is a perfect way to share your project with friends and family, showcasing what you have been learning. The game is based on your reaction time and whether or not you press your button when another players color is shown. The project is built around two Arduinos connected via I2C. The master handles the mechanics of the game, while the slave handles the TFT LCD and playing music through a buzzer.

I2C is a great communication protocol to be familiar with and this is a great project to give it a try. [Efstathios] and [Thodoris] did a great job writing up their post, plus they included all the code and schematics needed to build your own. It would be great to see more university professors foster open source hardware and software with their students. A special thanks goes out to [Dr. Dasygenis] for submitting his student’s work to us!

3 thoughts on “The Lightgame Project: A Multiplayer Arduino Game

  1. wouldn’t you think that they would design it so that a no answer be the max counts instead of zero…? just a thought…i didn’t look at the code but i think it would be an easy fix for people that want to build it and for the origional builders themselves.

  2. My friend and I made a classic pong game using an old Nokia screen (found a website guiding us how to do it somewhere online!) using a potentiometer for each controller – I know what you mean about playing and showing off haha, its pretty cool.

  3. “I2C is a great communication protocol to be familiar with and this is a great project to give it a try.” I would not start with this project to “learn i2c”. If you are using an Arduino, it does not matter what bus (i2c, SPI, 1 wire) you use because the API is dumbed down for the user. If you really want to learn the details of these communications busses, you do not use Arduino!

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