Hackaday Reddit AMA (ask Me Anything) Happening Right Now

hackaday-szczys-reddit-proof_1Today we’re interacting on an “Ask Me Anything” over at Reddit.

Now’s the time to ask your question about all-things-Hackaday. No topic is off limits. Wonder how the Blog operates? What’s the deal with Hackaday Projects? Need an answer to questions about The Hackaday Prize? Just ask!

[Mike Szczys] started the thread and I’ve provided proof as seen here, but most of the writing staff are Reddit regulars so questions for specific writers are welcome as well. What’s on your mind?

6 thoughts on “Hackaday Reddit AMA (ask Me Anything) Happening Right Now

    1. +1…

      Why can’t they just insert a…,

      on this page with the Redditt page inside! ;^)

      Or is that to much of a hack on hackaday.com?

      Leaving this webpage to another website on another webpage to talk about this webpage is an oxymoron in communication’s. Plus, is hackaday.com afraid of the comment’s and questions being posted on Redditt… hum… wondering minds are at a wonder.


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