HOPE X: Wireless Tor Proxies And Sharing TrueCrypt Volumes

When you’re at HOPE, of course you’re going to see a few Tor proxies, but [Jose]’s is top-notch. It’s a completely portable Tor proxy (.br, Google translation), battery-powered, with a connection for 4G networks.

[Jose]’s OnionPi setup is based on the Adafruit version, but adds a few interesting features that make it even more useful. It’s battery-powered with about a day of charge time, has a built-in battery charger, Ethernet pass through, external 4G and WiFi antennas, all in a sealed case that makes the entire build impervious to the elements.

While this isn’t much of a hack per se, the amount of integration is impressive. There are switches to turn off each individual networking port, and all the relevant plugs are broken out to the front panel, with the AC input and USB serial connection using screw connectors that are supposedly very popular in Brazil.

[Jose] also brought along a new device that isn’t documented anywhere else on the web. It’s called NNCFA, or Nothing New Crypto For All. Using a Cubieboard, an interesting ARM single board computer with a SATA connector, [Jose] created a device that will mount TrueCrypt volumes on a hard drive and share them via Samba.

16 thoughts on “HOPE X: Wireless Tor Proxies And Sharing TrueCrypt Volumes

    1. I wonder where you get this idea from. So far as all the leaks are concerned, TOR itself is considered to be fully secure by the NSA — they de-anonymized some TOR users by exploiting firefox.

      There are known mechanisms for wide-scale deanonymization on TOR, but they all involve controlling a double-digit percentage of either the routing nodes or the traffic.

        1. I can’t see their weird post as anything besides a canary. I have no idea what’s actually up but I suspect it’s a lot more complicated than just being compromised.

    1. In the vidya they actually mention taking it with them on an airplane (I assume in their stow baggage) and it worked flawlessly. So I think it’s safe to assume that it can work with the lid closed, and that it is, indeed, impervious to the elements.

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