An Obsessively Thorough Battery (and More) Showdown

Lots of battery reviews and more!

There are a number of resources scattered across the Internet that provide detailed breakdowns of common products, such as batteries, but we haven’t seen anything quite as impressive as this site. It’s an overwhelming presentation of data that addresses batteries of all types, including 18650’s (and others close in size)26650’s, and more chargers than you can shake a LiPo at. It’s an amazing site with pictures of the product both assembled and disassembled, graphs for charge and discharge rates, comparisons for different chemistries, and even some thermal images to illustrate how the chargers deal with heat dissipation.

Check out the review for the SysMax Intellicharger i4 to see a typical example. If you make it to the bottom of that novel-length repository of information, you’ll see that each entry includes a link to the methodology used for testing these chargers.

But wait, there’s more! You can also find equally thorough reviews of flashlights, USB chargers, LED drivers, and a few miscellaneous overviews of the equipment used for these tests.

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17 thoughts on “An Obsessively Thorough Battery (and More) Showdown

  1. Holy crap.

    This person REALLY likes flashlights, leds, and batteries.

    I have much respect for someone who would take the time to document all of this.

    And I must say – a bare-bones just the facts web 1.0 website with plenty of content is a breath of fresh air these days.

      1. Nice section on a Star Trek :TNG Tricorder sensor. Only link was through a banner, and you really need too be careful where you click. That site has links everywhere.
        I don’t miss Web 1.4 at all.

    1. I would really like to see them take up a wikipedia-style page, not really a fan of the web 10 design. It just seems really messy.. For instance, from the main page to get to double A batteries, you need to click the batteries and chargers, and then scroll half way down the page to see the different battery categories. They are also mixed in with all the charger reviews – that seems really out of place.

      Someone should get in contact with him in helping him redo the site, because the data itself is top notch, and if presented in a better way would be a powerful tool.

  2. As someone who has spent a fair amount of time qualifying and lot acceptance testing Chinese batteries (primary lithium) my hat’s off to this guy. You can’t go wrong with name brands but buyer beware when trying to save money with Chinese batteries.

  3. Panasonic/Eneloop 4th gen AA and AAA have been lab tested to death and shown to have more cycles than any other. 2100 cycles to be exact compared to slightly higher mAH and <1000 cycles of others.

  4. As with many of this type of quantitative review sites, I really really really wish that he would keep a rolling summary chart of what he considers to be the best choices in any given category (with yes/no or check/ex or whatever means of marking off various factors being tested/reviewed). Something vaguely at-a-glance would be really helpful. Otherwise it’s just so many (really well documented… hats off to him for what he’s done) spec sheets.

    But seriously, even without that kind of charting, this is an exceptional site in terms of actual data (versus all the SEO auto-scripted “reviews” that aren’t anything other than ads type of sites). Mega kudos to him!

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