Get Ready For Hackaday Munich By Attending Make Munich

Need something to get you revved up for the Hackaday get-together in Munich next month? Don’t miss out on this year’s Make Munich.

The two-day festival will be held in Munich on November 1st and 2nd. Last year there were about 2500 in attendance and this year is shaping up to be even bigger! Wander through the exhibits to see what others have been building during their spare time. You’ll see everything from 3D printing, to custom electronics, crafts, art pieces, talks, and more. What a wonderful way to draw inspiration for the projects you want to pull off this winter!

What’s that you say? You have something to show off at Make Munich? You could always just carry it around with you but maybe it’s better to apply for a booth or to give a talk.

Seeing all that Make Munich has to offer should get you excited about doing some hands on hacking and you’ll have the chance just a couple of weeks later. The Hackaday crew is hard at work planning our own afternoon hackathon and evening party. Block out your calendar on Thursday, November 13th. We’re not quite ready to give away free tickets but watch the front page for an announcement soon!

We’re lucky to have a lot of people in the Munich area helping get the word out. A special thanks to [Nils Hitze] who is organizing Make Munich and has already connected us with a lot of interesting parts of the hacker community in the area.

9 thoughts on “Get Ready For Hackaday Munich By Attending Make Munich

    1. Yes the Make Munich is about hacking. It was an awesome event last year and will be epic this year. Also looking fwd to the Hot Iron Event – I’m organizing a Retro Gaming Lounge there :)

  1. As a long time lurker on this site, always being jealous of the great (maker) events which you report from, this makes me happy. Finally something I can get to by car/train and not air plane.

  2. Ah man! This is epic! Finally. I’m so in.

    Besides, I’m german and I’m very pleasant to hang out with :-D
    There is only one simple rule you should follow around germoghhgdr-*,6<<<*

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