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Here’s something that’s just a design study, but [Ivan]’s Apple IIe phone is a work of art. You’re not fitting a CRT in there, but someone out there has a 3D printer, an old LCD, and a GSM module. Make it happen. See also: the Frog Design Apple phone.

A few days ago we posted something on an old ‘286 machine that was able to load up the Hackaday retro site. For a few people, this was the first they’ve heard about our CSS and Javascript-less edition designed specifically for old computers. They dragged out some hardware, and [WTH] pulled up the site on a Dell Axim.It’s actually somewhat impressive that these machines have SD cards…

[Arduino Enigma] created a touchscreen Enigma machine. Why haven’t we seen an Arduino Colossus yet?

The crew at Adafruit now have a Flying Toaster OLED, which means we now have flying toaster bitmaps for all your OLED/graphic display projects.

[Ian] had an old rackmount programmable voltage standard. This was the remote programmable voltage standard, without front panel controls. No problem, just get an Arduino, shift register, and a few buttons. Video right here.

A few months ago, [Jan] released a neat device that stuffs a modelling synth inside a MIDI plug. He’s selling them now, and we’d love to see a few videos of this.

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  1. Don’t you mean an arduino bombe? Colossus was built to crack the Lorenz machine and was not related to the Enigma and had very little involvement from Turing. Enigma was cracked using a machine known as the Bombe with heavy involvement from Turing.
    The bombe is still functioning at bletchley park in the UK with regular demonstrations. A colossus replica is next door at the national computing museum. I have seen both in action.
    You’d be surprised at how powerful the colossus was, it did its task faster than many 80s microcomputers could hope to achieve it at, yes it was a purpose designed machine but that is mighty impressive for ww2 hardware.

  2. Dear Mr Benchoff, please ensure there are no cats on your keyboard before you post… at least half of the title up there is most certainly not language in any meaningful sense of the term.


  3. [hey apple has colour too ya know] I’m sure one could use a small B&W lcd with a green backlight (inverted pixels) if someone is into building one, somewhere around here, I have the carefully peeled off stamped name plate off an origional IIe, ya know I think I have some keyboards too…. isnt’ there an arduino cell phone sheild?

    1. Nope. I never had a problem surfing the web with mine. It came out in 2004! Even had VGA out. Come on hackaday – do a little research before making stupid comments about SD cards, they were on many devices 10 years ago. And as for whisky tango – did they accidentally take a time machine trip into the future?

  4. “With Apple celebrating its 30 year anniversary, I thought I would step back in time and create an iPhone for each desktop design.”

    You didn’t create anything.. You drew a picture of it.

    *draws some pictures*

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