Doing Unsafe Things With A Laser Watch

[Pierce Brosnan]-era James Bond had a beautiful Omega wristwatch. Of course as with any Bond gadget, it couldn’t just tell time; it needed to do something else. This watch had a laser, and [Patrick] figured he could replicate this build.

This is apretty normal 1.5W laser diode build, stuffed into a wrist-mountable device that will kill balloons. This is really a watch, though: press a button and this thing will tell time.

In the video below, [Patrick] goes over what damage this watch can do. He manages to pop some black balloons, burn holes in a CD case, light a few matches, cut cellotape, and put tiny burn marks in his wall. The battery won’t last long – just a few minutes – but more than enough to propel [Patrick] into Youtube stardom.

There are no plans or tutorials for the build, but the teardown [Patrick] shows is pretty impressive. To stuff a laser diode, battery, and clock into a watch-sized compartment, [Patrick] needed to turn down the metal buttons to fit everything into his watch case.

Because the comments for this post will invariable fill up with concern trolls, we’re just going to say, yes, this is incredibly unsafe, no one should ever do this, and it probably kills puppies.


15 thoughts on “Doing Unsafe Things With A Laser Watch

  1. Can’t watch it with sound atm, but that looks awesome. And hey, he has glasses and he’s using it inside so at least he’s trying to be safe…ish.

    That being said, this brings back memories of playing Goldeneye on the 64. Sweet build!

  2. Ordinary mortals burn CDs, he burns CD cases! Very nice, but I think having an actual clock on the thing is a waste because when somebody asks you what time it is there is only one answer, ITS LASER TIME!!!!

  3. Wristwatch. I remember, used to use it to tell time. Wish I had my LED watch from 1978. Replace all the segments with laser diodes and instantaneously etch a timestamp on objects. just gotta remember not to look at it when someone asks the time!

  4. Usually the idiots who would use lasers to do damage to other people don’t have the necessary skills to build one, therefore be very careful if someone asks you to make one for him.

  5. Im betting this is probably a 150 mW laser diode, rather than a 1.5 W diode as described in the article. A 1500 mW diode would not be your regular run of the mill laser. It could do a lot more than pop balloons.

    1. From Russia With Love had a garrote watch
      Thunderball had a geiger counter Breitling
      Never Say Never Again had a laser Rolex
      Live And Let Die had a magnetic watch
      The Man With The Golden Gun had a ticker-tape telex Seiko
      Moonraker had an exploding Seiko
      For Your Eyes Only had a radio/telex Seiko
      Octopussy had a tracker/CCTV monitor Seiko
      The Living Daylights had a guard-summoning watch
      Goldeneye, Die Another Day & Tomorrow Never Dies had an explosive/laser Omega
      The World Is Not Enough had a grappling hook Omega

      …and yet the one that gets built over and over again is the laser one.

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