Enter The PlayBox, Where Microsoft And Sony Get Along

Xbox PS4 Laptop

[Eddie Zarick] is a pretty eccentric case modder. So when a customer asked him for an Xbox One / Playstation 4 combo unit, he got excited. He calls it the PlayBOX 4ONE. Cute.

He has managed to cram the guts of both the PS4 and Xbox One into a 22″ laptop-like shape — it is pretty chunky though. The power supply is internal, but obviously you can only turn on one system at a time. Surprisingly he was even able to keep the cooling systems intact! Both consoles still have full use of WiFi and have dedicated LAN ports available on the back of the system. Unfortunately, the Xbox USB ports weren’t so lucky — looks like you’re stuck with wireless Microsoft accessories only.

To see how he did it, check out the following video.

[Eddie Zarick] is no stranger to being featured on Hackaday, as we absolutely loved his night vision upgrade on his Jeep using a FLIR camera a few years ago — not to mention his wicked NBA Hangtime Pinball rebuild!

[via Kotaku]

13 thoughts on “Enter The PlayBox, Where Microsoft And Sony Get Along

    1. This. Would be pretty annoyed as a customer.
      Forego the capacitive touch and give them a working button, or get someone who knows electronics to fix your grounding/noise issue.

      Otherwise, great build. Looks very polished.

    1. …or sort games in the xbox marketplace alphabetically or by genre. Pretty cool and I would like James cram two consoles into that small a form factor. There was no need to go the ‘chunky’ route.

  1. Doesn’t the Xbox One have an HDMI input? Why use an HDMI switcher when you could plug the PS4 into the HDMI input of the Xbox One?? Let the Xbox control which you see. Why “flip a switch” to have one or the other on? You could actually have both on. Correct me if I am wrong, as I don’t actually have an Xbox One. I have a PS4, and point and laugh at the Xbone (Let the flaming begin!).

    I just see this as a purely mechanical project and very little electronics.

    I wonder if there was an alternate cooling system (water?) installed, that the footprint could even be more compact. Accomodating those large, and bizarrely shaped, heat sinks must have been a pain. Maybe have the lid (back of screen) be the reservoir? A couple custom milled low profile waterblocks with right angle nozzles could keep things compact. Maybe incorporate a custom made radiator as part of the bottom utilizing thin copper tubing and forced air flow via a thin blower.

    Perhaps a consolidated PSU (with sufficient wattage) may have been better as well.

    An impressive build nevertheless.

    1. Because that would take the ps4 graphics down to the Xbox one graphics it would be better for ps4 to have its own hdmi slot ….. plus can’t run both systems at sametime

    2. Because one plugging ps4 hdmi into xbox one drops the video quality and makes the ps4 graphics drop to Xbox standards be better for it to be plugged into a seperate hdmi port and can’t run both systems at the same time

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