New RepRap With Integrated Case, Oddly Called Case-Rap

CaseRap - Folding RepRap

The great thing about RepRaps are that there are so many to choose from! No matter what features or design intent you could want, there is probably a RepRap for that. Even so, there has been a recent addition to the RepRap family. Creator [jlguil] calls it the Case-Rap, and for good reason, the frame of the printer folds up into a suitcase.

The Case-Rap is inspired by the Mendel90 which tries to improve on the original Mendel by replacing the threaded rods for a more rigid sheet material frame with bracing to keep the X, Y and Z axes perpendicular to each other. The Case-Rap goes a little further with the design to have the frame also perform double duty as a travel case.

Check out the video after the break, the printer is actually built in 2 complete separate assemblies. The X and Z axes are mounted in a 4-sided wooded frame. The Y axis and the electronics are mounted on a 2-sided wooden frame. When the frame pieces are latched together in one orientation, they conceal the printer inside a suitcase-sized box. The latch positions were thoughtfully placed so the frame pieces could also be latched together in ‘printer mode’. Setting up and breaking down the printer takes all of 30 seconds.

You may think a super portable printer has to be small… but you’d be wrong. The Case-Rap has a commendable 8x8x8 inch print area. According to [jlguil], the total DIY cost comes in around 350$ CAD, which is not too bad for a 3D printer, and pretty good for one that is unique, portable and capable.

Being the sharing person he is, [jlguil] made his design files available to the public so anyone can make a Case-Rap. If you are diggin’ the portability of the Case-Rap, then you’ll be sure to also love the original folding RepRap, the FoldaRap.

20 thoughts on “New RepRap With Integrated Case, Oddly Called Case-Rap

  1. A first I was thinking it was a bit big for only being 8x8x8 but after seeing some of the other photos all I can think is to increase it from ‘between a briefcase and medium suitcase’ to ‘trunk-sized’ and slap some caster wheels on the bottom.

    Could even be built with a removable top so it could serve as a table base when not in use for people that are challenged when it comes to space to store things.

    1. I decided to disign myself a full sized, but portable 3d printer. It worked. I could have kept everything for me, but I decided to post all my files so everyone can use them if they like it. And there was some.

      I probably made a mistake by using the word suitecase… In french, a “valise” can be any size. I never realised that there was so many words for the same thing depending on the size. But I’m one of those how have the “poignée dans le dos”.

      If you don’t like it, just don’t print it.

      By the way, you forgot to talk about the weight. Yes, it is very heavy.

      jlguil, Jean-Luc Guillemette

      1. It looks to be a great option as a 3D printer by all means. Just that for some reason I had the impression from the picture used that it was bigger but when I clicked through I saw that it wasnt all that large then got to thinking that the case size/print area was a good enough ratio to warrant a larger build with equally larger print area.

        As far as the weight- I could tell there was some mass to it from the way you handled it in the video ;)

  2. This is very cool and i like to see more portability in general. The only thing that lets this down it the lack of a smooth car bonnet style hinge mechanism.

        1. I looked into it, but it never felt cost effective. A mill is already more expensive than a 3d printer and if you try to make it fold into a case it gets even harder.

          Maybe it could work as a kit.

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