New Round Of Astronaut Or Not: Most Likely To Save The Planet

Last Friday we closed the first round of Astronaut or Astronot, the first round of community voting for the Hackaday Prize. We tried to give away a $1000 gift card for the Hackaday Store to a random person on if they have voted. The random person selected didn’t vote, but we did manage to give away some t-shirts to people who did vote.

Now that we’re well into the second round of community voting, and it’s time to select the community choice for the project Most Likely to Save The Planet. DO THAT HERE.

With that said, here are the projects voted by the community that are the Most Likely To Be Widely Used:


The projects voted Most Likely To Be Widely Used by the community are, in order:

Congratulations everyone who was voted to the top. These projects will be getting a fancy Hackaday Prize t-shirt that even I don’t have.

Round Two: Most Likely To Save The Planet

Right now we’re in the middle of the second round of voting. The theme is “Most Likely To Save The Planet”. How do you pick which projects you think are most likely to save the planet? Head on over to the voting page and pick some projects.

Next Friday, around 22:00 UTC, I’m going to go through the voting database and pick a random person on If that person has voted in the current round of voting, they get a $1000 gift card for the Hackaday store. Your votes from the last round do not carry over. If you want a chance at winning the gift card, you need to vote this week.

At this stage in the community voting during last year’s Hackaday Prize, I calculated the cumulative probability of giving away a big prize to someone on who voted. The result was about 0.70. We ended up giving away an oscilloscope, a Bukito 3D printer, an awesome power supply, and a goodie bag filled with programmers, bench tools, and dev boards. That’s four winners, when I originally guessed we would have had – maybe – one winner. We’re going to give away a gift card for the Hackaday Prize eventually, the only question is if you’re going to vote or not. Vote now.

If you are incapable of understanding how this works, here’s a video tutorial on how to vote. Vote now, and good luck to everyone who has a project up in the Hackaday Prize.

The 2015 Hackaday Prize is sponsored by:

23 thoughts on “New Round Of Astronaut Or Not: Most Likely To Save The Planet

    1. I agree with this. It’d be useful to know where one is in the list since it can indicate if the chosen description of the project is utterly useless amongst all other, and perhaps similar, projects. It will also indicate if your project is of way lower importance than you might have hoped for…
      No need for fancy graphics, just a list of project names and votes – if any.

      1. I agree with you-Interestingly enough out of the above top entries, only two ever came up in my voting selections. I think it may in fact be valid to publish all the data so people who did not get a chance to see the above entries or the many others, can see what was selected from what was presented to them.

    1. The first part of solving a problem is admitting that you have a problem. It is often difficult to recognize that one has a problem, and upon hearing even the suggestion from others that you have a problem, often results in denial.

      1. Though, the planet doesn’t have much of a trouble. It’ll carry on just fine. Problems from pollution and global warming primarily affect humans and animals, and to a lesser extent plants.

  1. This is a penance for laughing at the facebook perpetual motion comments. HaD has spoken and the project “most likely to be used” is one 30 years of medical research suggests doesn’t work.

  2. I’m sure they tried SUPER SUPER hard to give away 1000$ .. but sadly, that person didn’t vote.

    How about giving prizes to those who participate, and not just flashing “we almost gave away something” ..

    T-shirts? Great! :/

      1. So , trying to give it away ONCE is trying super super hard? Tell me you couldn’t of wasted 10 more minutes to actually find someone who participated? And what about the people (like me) that cannot enter the contest because of local laws and rules? I can’t participate , so I just won’t vote, because even I did , I couldn’t claim the prize. So my .io user is just not involved at all in your gimmick of a contest, why was it part of the draw? How many other 1000s of accounts are just fake/empty/unused/last year’s contests/etc that just should not be part of your draw? How about you tell us exactly how many people had voted during your event? I’m guessing maybe 1000? 2000? ok let’s make it big , 10 000 users out of 76 095 , That’s 13.14% of the users who could really win the prize. which leaves 66 095 chances of nobody getting the 1000$ prize. And out of those , how many like me that could have voted , but couldn’t claim the prize?

        Really? If that’s trying hard, I wouldn’t want to see you guys not giving a f*** about something.

  3. Voted…Good luck to the winners and to those who voted. My daughter (only 12) is interested in saving the world through “daddy’s parts bin.” Time to get the Arduinos and RPi’s out. ;)

  4. This website either going down the drain or they want to get acquired or something. Used to be fun here now blinking led on another arduino pin is a hack and everyone is a hacker. If u wanna be go merge or something stop ruining this community. I never posted here and i never will make free content for anyone, but i bet most of people here would agree that hacker community is all about transparency. Guess what ur not! And btw mainpage has more content about ur price (that no one rly cares about) than from people who actually did something related to hacking. Real hackers dont do shit for prices ur just making corporate environment and this website sucks more and more. And if u wanna give something to someone u just do it, u dont talk shit in public about it how u the “hacker wannabe” community cant make script to isolate voters from non voters and give price than. I never did sql but here lets give it a shot.
    bla = Select from users where voted = true
    winner = rand(bla)

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