Bread Online Is A Bread Maker For The Internet Of Things

Bread Online

An engineering student at the University of Western Macedonia has just added another appliance to the ever-growing list of Internet enabled things. [Panagiotis] decided to modify an off-the-shelf bread maker to enable remote control via the Internet.

[Panagiotis] had to remove pretty much all of the original control circuitry for this device. The original controller was replaced with an Arduino Uno R3 and an Ethernet shield. The temperature sensor also needed to be replaced, since [Panagiotis] could not find any official documentation describing the specifications of the original. Luckily, the heating element and mixer motor were able to be re-used.

A few holes were drilled into the case to make room for the Ethernet connector as well as a USB connector. Two relays were used to allow the Arduino to switch the heating element and mixer motor on and off. The front panel of the bread maker came with a simple LCD screen and a few control buttons. Rather than let those go to waste, they were also wired into the Arduino.

The Arduino bread maker can be controlled via a web site that runs on a separate server. The website is coded with PHP and runs on Apache. It has a simple interface that allows the user to specify several settings including how much bread is being cooked as well as the desired darkness of the bread. The user can then schedule the bread maker to start. Bread Online also comes with an “offline” mode so that it can be used locally without the need for a computer or web browser. Be sure to check out the video demonstration below.

[Thanks Minas]

17 thoughts on “Bread Online Is A Bread Maker For The Internet Of Things

  1. God bless America, where we are so lazy that we can make bread without getting off the couch and make it an engineering Thesis in the process. All powered by an arduino.

    1. The guy is actually from Greece, a country with pride bordering on American, but without a functioning economy.

      He’s just preparing for the massive inflation and inevitable unaffordability of bread to come…

  2. Excellent project. The website and control code could easily be adapted to other IoT devices, and he provides more than enough info for others to use it for their own projects. I had a look at the UoWM and the other two projects listed are both games, so extra kudos to Panagiotis for real world usefulness.

      1. Right! You can cover wood coals in a wood stove with wet newspaper, stock the stove, and in the AM you merely prod it and the now dry paper and warm wood fairly bursts into flame. Here, float some of the flour on the liquid and top tbat with the yeast and sugar… or hide it under all of the flour, etc. Play! Learn! My oal had one if these. He scired it at a garage sale when running fir more beer fir hus BD party, after I did a liaf for him manually. Eventually he cut and tossed the heel away… where the mixer hook resided. LOL!

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