Custom Machined Triple Threat Slingshot

Time was when a lad in need of a ranged weapon would hack a slingshot together out of a forked tree branch and a strip of inner tube. Slingshot design has progressed considerably since [Dennis the Menace]’s day, but few commercially available slingshots can match up to the beauty and functionality of this magnificently machined multipurpose handheld weapon system.

Making it clear in his very detailed build log that this is but a prototype for a design he’s working on, [Gord] has spared little effort to come up with a unique form factor that’s not only functional as a slingshot, but also provides a few surprises: a magazine that holds nine rounds of ammo with magnets; knuckle protection on the hand grip that would deal a devastating left hook; and an interchangeable base that provides a hang loop or allows mounting a viciously sharp broadhead hunting arrow tip for somewhat mysterious purposes. There’s plenty to admire in the build process as well – lots and lots of 6061 billet aluminum chips from milling machine and lathe alike. All told, a nice piece of craftsmanship.

For a more traditional slingshot design with a twist, check out this USB-equipped slingshot that talks to Angry Birds. And when your taste in slingshots run more toward the ridiculously lethal, [Jörg Sprave]’s machete launcher never disappoints.

[Thanks Leslie!]

17 thoughts on “Custom Machined Triple Threat Slingshot

  1. That is what I’d call a man gadget.

    No real useful purpose, lethal in multiple ways, ostentatious, and well made.

    It’s one of those things no one really needs, but hell is it cool. The broadhead randomly
    on the end like that is just over the top ridiculous. I can’t even image why or how you’d actually
    use that, it just looks like somehow it’s functional, but totally impractical to melee with.

    I love this.

  2. Nothing like spending lots of serious time and effort on a device that will most likely get confiscated (or worse) if you ever took it out in public.

    If you folks are this hard up for hacks, why aren’t you showing the slingshot channel guys stuff.

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