Cute Countdown Timer Reminds You Of Impending Doom

Seven Segment Countdown Timer

As things get busy, whether it be an upcoming product launch, a pregnancy, or even the release of your favorite game (or movie!) sometimes it’s nice to have a little countdown timer. Not an app on your phone, but a tangible, physical timer to set on your desk. Which is why SevenSeg is such a cute idea.

[Mohit] wanted to design something that was simple, but aesthetically pleasing — he’d seen free-form electronic projects before and wanted to give it a shot. What he came up with is pretty elegant! A seven segment display is connected via 1/32″ brass rods to the controller, a Particle Photon — which is kind of like a Teensy with WiFi for the internet of things. After putting a few resistors in line with the display, and a bit of frustrating bending of wire later, and SevenSeg was complete.

Since it is connected to the Internet, [Mohit] decided to give it some emotion animations too, to display between the countdowns — Isn’t he cute?

For more examples of free-formed circuity, check out this piece of LED headgear [Nick] made for a party! Or the ever classic LED matrix cube — how about an 8 by 8 by 8 matrix?

8 thoughts on “Cute Countdown Timer Reminds You Of Impending Doom

  1. “is that thing house-broken, or does it leave little batteries all over the house?”


    nice build and idea. a small lipo battery could get rid of that ugly cable, though.

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