7 thoughts on “Tele-Haptic Proto-Sculpting: Using Robots To Teach

  1. might be okay for teaching muscle memory tasks, but teaching artistry? Sorry, you can teach how to hold and move the brush, but artistry comes from the imperfection of each artist.

    now, like I said there is a case for teaching things that require a certain amount of muscle memory or a precise touch to complete. Soldering fine pitch components comes to mind right off.

  2. Nice job ! Really nice .
    But, why not just using 2 robotic arms instead of 3 ? The “teacher” could handle 1 robotic arm and those movements could be transfered directly to the student’s robotic arm. Am I wrong?

  3. Given the very limited adoption of haptic arms among digital sculptors, I remain skeptical that they will find much adoption in the teaching of art. In art school I never saw a professor teaching drawing, clay tools, etc by holding a student’s hand.
    Plus so much of being an artist is developing a sense of aesthetics- one could master everything there is about creating brush-strokes and still be utterly lost with color theory or composition, just like one can learn to type and even master a vocabulary but also be unable to write a decent short story.

  4. So many comments from people who have never tried this technology – HAHA – the ignorance is astounding. These comments feel like a smear campaign with no first hand experiences to speak of. I feel like this would work – I would want to try it first to see.

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