Add Seinfeld Bass Riffs To Any Doorway

It’s not the most involved hack we’ve seen this week, but it’s definitely creative and made us laugh. [Grant] and some friends were joking around about how cool it would be to have sitcom-style entry music fire off every time someone came in through a door, but in real life. You know, like everyone wants to have their own theme music? This is the same idea, but the Seinfeld equivalent. (Video embedded below the break.)


A few simple parts later (Arduino, MP3 shield, magnetic door reed switch) and a tiny bit of code to randomize which bass riff plays, and it’s a done deal. Like we said, it’s not rocket science, but it’s a humorous addition to what looks like a well-stocked game room. (Is that a Joust console we see?)

For even greater comic effect, why not add Seinfeld bass riffs to your skateboard ramps?

19 thoughts on “Add Seinfeld Bass Riffs To Any Doorway

  1. I did this recently with SmartThings and the awesome RuleEngine extension, each person is identified by their phone, then when the door opens as they arrive it plays their individual entrance theme over all the Sonos units. Not as hacky, but it works pretty good.

  2. Meh! In 1993 I worked in a demount-able building at a university (they put me in there with all the other young people).

    We had a mac plus with a reed switch hacked mouse hooked up to the door to make the Star Trek door noise when it opened. We tacked an NCC1701 badge on the outside.

  3. Yes it is a working joust cabinet. I’m a huge arcade nerd and I happen to have every arcade game mentioned in Ernest Cline’s “Ready Player One”. I collect and repair arcade games. Definitely not a hobby for the faint of heart as it will slowly consume your entire house. The video is shot at my front door and that particular group of arcade machines is in what a normal person would call a dining room. Thanks for the post! I’m internet famous on hackaday! <3

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