Man Shoots Lamp

What do you get when you mix together all of the stuff that you can get for cheap over eBay with a bit of creativity and some PVC pipe? [Austiwawa] gets a table lamp, remote-controlled by a toy gun, that turns off and falls over when you shoot it. You’ve got to watch the video below the break.

This isn’t a technical hack. Rather it’s a creative use of a bunch of easily available parts, with a little cutting here and snipping there to make it work. For instance, [Austiwawa] took a remote control sender and receiver pair straight off the rack and soldered some wires to extend the LED and fit it inside the toy gun. A relay module controls the lamp, and plugs straight into the Arduino that’s behind everything. Plug and play.

Which is not to say the lamp lacks finesse. We especially like the screw used as an end-of-travel stop for the servo motor, and the nicely fabricated servo bracket made from two Ls. And you can’t beat the fall-over-dead effect. Or can you? Seriously, though, great project [Austiwawa]!

13 thoughts on “Man Shoots Lamp

    1. That’s what irks me a bit. The creator clearly has some skills. So I don’t really get why he would go with a battery pack + live wire instead of powering both the arduino and an LED bulb from, let’s say, a 12 V supply. Why he would extend the IR transmitter but not cut the board down and hide it in the … Ah, feck it, it’s ghetto, it wants to be ghetto, it is obviously supposed to scream ghetto with the unpainted PVC pipe and all.

      1. the remote/gun part clealy could’ve been made better. but i understand, that trimming the pcb and soldering to the (relatively) small traces might be not a skill the creator has.
        using 120vac seems not a bad idea, because it works. it is a functional piece. and, wiring up a led power supply still requires 120vac inside the case.

        1. As it’s made so others can replicate it (the instructables even call it a tutorial and it has parts listing and ready to use code etc) it makes sense to keep the level of difficulty even (and not too high).

          Anyone with higher skills can tweak the idea to their liking (or just take the idea and run with it), but the absolute beginner is the one that needs clear step by step instructions.

  1. Why hasn’t this discussion derailed into a flaming inferno of laymen interpretations of american gun laws and constitution? There’s a gun in there so get going! My popcorns are getting cold!

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