Tiny Open Source Robot

We watched the video introduction for this little open source robot, and while we’re not 100% sure we want tiny glowing eyes watching us while we sleep, it does seem to be a nice little platform for hacking. The robot is a side project of [Matthew], who’s studying for a degree in Information Science.

The robot has little actuated grippy arms for holding a cell phone in the front. When it’t not holding a cellphone it can use its two little ultrasonic senors to run around without bumping into things. We like the passive balancing used on the robot. Rather than having a complicated self-balancing set-up, the robot just uses little ball casters to provide the other righting points of contact.

The head of the robot has plenty of space for whatever flavor of Arduino you prefer. A few hours of 3D printing and some vitamins is all you need to have a little robot shadow lurking in your room. Video after the break.

15 thoughts on “Tiny Open Source Robot

    1. Speaking of sensors we have a system here that tells us the weather like that too, no cute robots, just a system and a set of sensors etc. plus speakers which announce various things.

      The other day a friend of my wife’s visited and needed to use the toilet, which coinsided with our security system detecting something moving on the driveway and announcing in a deep robotic voice “Motion Detected!” The poor woman was freaked out and thought that a robot was peeking at her doing her business.

      1. Well here’s the thing about fact checking.

        The writers here can’t be experts or professors of all the things they write about so it’s up to the readers here to share their extended knowledge about the subjects that the authors write about.

        That is what I love about HaD. So much professional knowledge is shared in these comment sections.

        But none of that can happen before an author writes an article about something they may not have a great deal of experience with personally.

        So make a contribution here! This is a place of sharing.

        We all have out strong points and our week points. I come here to improve on my week points.

        And around here that comes from respecting that others might also have week points to.

  1. Very nice idea the use of multiple ball casters, never saw them used like that.
    I’d test them also mounted on soft shock absorbers to keep them always in contact with the surface without reducing main wheels grip.

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