Join Us At The Greatest 3D Printing Festival On Planet Earth

Winter is hanging on like clinical depression, which means it’s that time again for the greatest 3D-printing festival on the planet Earth. It’s time for the Midwest RepRap Festival, next weekend, March 18-20th in Goshen, Indiana.

I can’t explain why, but for some reason the Midwest RepRap Festival is an oasis of building, doing, and hacking right in the middle of the county fairgrounds for Elkhart County, Indiana. It’s free for everyone to attend. The event isn’t choked with vendors, leaving the people who actually do stuff left to fight over a few picnic tables on the outskirts of the venue. It is, by far, the most community-centered event we go to every year.

If you’re wondering what you can expect at a 3D printer convention in the middle of nowhere, check out a few of the posts we’ve published from MRRF over the last few years. We’ve seen 3D printed waffles, resin casting with 3D printed molds, bizarre movement platforms, Bioprinting, and stuff from Lulzbot. That’s just the stuff that has deserved its own Hackaday post: we’ve seen the world’s largest 3D printed trash can, R2D2, battle droids (it’s even money if BB-8 is going to show up this year), a Printer made out of K’nex, and the most beautiful 3D printer we’ve ever seen. There was a T-shirt cannon powered by 300 psi shop air.

Every year I write a post announcing that we’ll be heading to MRRF next week, simultaneously praising the event as one of the greatest ‘maker’ and ‘DIY’ meetups, while pointing out the local WalMart parking lot has a place to park horse-drawn buggies. Both observations are true. For one weekend a year, Goshen, Indiana is the place everyone reading Hackaday should go to, and that is why we are once again proud to sponsor this glorious event.

10 thoughts on “Join Us At The Greatest 3D Printing Festival On Planet Earth

    1. I usually try to bring a trunk full of tools and parts for people that need help with their printers. I’ve even had nights where people bring their stuff back to the hotel and drink beer/work on it till we can’t solder straight anymore.

  1. Awesomeness :) I’ll see you there Brian Benchoff. And, I’m bringing 2 other people.

    Also, I’ve been working on something called IPFS, or the InterPlanetary File System. Effectively, it’s a single Git repo for the whole world, backed by Bittorrent and DHT for auto host detection. I’ve put together a repo of open source 3d printer software available from IPFS.

    If you install IPFS, use the localhost link. Else, use the link, as they serve a IPFS->web gateway. Do note, running the program is much faster than the gateway.

    (I did this because the internet at MRRF was overloaded last year. The 4H grounds did significant upgrades to their infrastructure, so that my IPFS share is probably not needed, but it still shows an extremely powerful technology in action.

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