Control The Real World With An Arduino-Enabled Minecraft Mod

Minecraft modding has become almost as popular as the block-based game itself, with tons of editors and tools available to create new kinds of blocks, mobs, and weapons. And now, with this mod framework that can talk to an Arduino, modders can build blocks that break out of the Minecraft world to control the real world.

While turning on a light from Minecraft is not exactly new, the way that MCreator for Arduino goes about it is pretty neat. MCreator is a no-code framework for building Minecraft mods, which allows modders to build new game capabilities with a drag and drop interface. The MCreator Arduino toolkit allows modders to build custom Minecraft blocks that can respond to in-game events and communicate with an Arduino over USB. Whatever an Arduino can do – light an LED, sense a button press – can be brought into the game. It’s all open-source and free for non-commercial use, which is perfect for the upcoming STEM-based summer camp season. We can think of some great projects that would really jazz up young hackers when presented through a Minecraft interface.

8 thoughts on “Control The Real World With An Arduino-Enabled Minecraft Mod

  1. So you could build a home-automation control by rebuilding your home in minecraft. Then you could check the state of your garage-door by checking the doors in your virtual home, etc.

    So ludicrous, I really want to do it…

  2. Because some of the world does not want to spend the time to learn to code or does not know how. If you wanted to, you could code your own mod from scratch that talked to an Arduino. Not everyone can be a good programmer, Although I agree with the general sentiment that ‘standard’ coding is more efficient.

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