Have A Laser Cutter? Here’s A Cool Combination Lock Box You Can Build!

Laser-cut plywood boxes are cool. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the free projects out there for people to get started with when they get a laser cutter – it’s obviously a popular genre of project. Laser cut plywood boxes with combination locks are even cooler, especially when the combination is entered on four separate number selectors, on four sides of the very same box.

That’s exactly what [Sande24] has done, and the final result is mesmerizing. 30-40 parts are cut from plywood with a laser cutter, and assembled to construct the lockbox. The design could easily be reused to make the box out of acrylic, or even aluminum or steel if you were so inclined. Check it out in the video below.

Now, quite obviously this lockbox isn’t intended to stand up to serious cracking attempts. It’s just a fun project to learn about how parts fit together, and a jumping off point for your own projects. It’d also make a really neat gift box for that special someone. Maybe use an anniversary date as the combo?

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