Modified R/C Jet Cannon Spews Nerf, Slays Cardboard Tanks

[ajw61185] made a video overview of a radio-controlled A-10 jet modified to spew a hail of harmless Nerf balls as it strafes helpless cardboard cutouts of T-72 tanks on a bright, sunny day.

A10 Nerf LoadingThe firing assembly in the jet comes from a Nerf Rival Zeus Blaster, which is itself an interesting device. It uses two electric flywheels to launch soft foam balls – much like a pitching machine. With one flywheel running a little faster than the other, the trajectory can be modified. For example, a slight topspin gives the balls a longer and more stable flight path. Of course, foam balls slow down quickly once launched and at high speeds the aircraft can overtake the same projectiles it just fired, but it’s fun all the same.

Cramming the firing assembly into aircraft took some cleverness. The front of the jet contains the flywheel assembly, and a stripped-down removable magazine containing the foam balls fits behind it. A flick of a switch on the controller spins up the flywheels, and another flick controls a servo that allows the balls to enter the firing assembly and get launched. The ammo capacity on the jet is low at only twelve shots per load, and it fires all twelve in roughly half a second. Since the balls are fired at the ground in a known area, they’re easy to retrieve.

Even better than a higher ammo capacity would be a first person view cockpit, but after cramming in a Nerf blaster there might not be much room left even in a model as large as the FreeWing A-10. On the other end of the scale for aircraft are models so tiny that even outfitting them with the bare essentials of controlled flight is an achievement.

[via TFB]

14 thoughts on “Modified R/C Jet Cannon Spews Nerf, Slays Cardboard Tanks

    1. There is an entire “sport” of making sinkable ships that shoot each other with ball bearings. The sides of the body are made from thin balsa and are penetrated easy by a BB shot with compressed CO2. I think that planes are also allowed, but only fire a single BB representing a torpedo. But you have to wear protection and be very careful.
      Airsoft is also dangerous if powered by CO2.

  1. 1: Miniaturized CO2 GAU-8 Airsoft, or even better, GAU-13 for weight and power savings!
    2: Add an IR targeting tracker control circuit tied to an ultra sonic ground avoidance sensor!
    3: Vibration sensor and pyrotechnics on the target!
    4: 360 cam in the cockpit transmitting to IMU tracked goggles!
    5: Still try to make it in to your job and interact with friends and family each day!

  2. Very nice, I like the spin-up sound of the flywheels, almost sounds like a Gatling gun spinning up. But I have to wonder if you could load paint balls into this present setup, or would the flywheels pop them instead of launching them?

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