Hackaday Prize Entry: Coffee Machine Grows In Complexity With No Sign Of Stopping

In Star Trek, there is a race of cyborgs with a drive to slowly assimilate all sentient life. Their aesthetic is not far off from the one [Ronald]’s ever expanding coffee machine is taking on. One has to wonder, what dark purpose would bring the Borg into existence? Where did they start? If [Ronald] doesn’t get a satisfying cup of coffee soon, we may find out.

We covered the first iteration of his brewing machine in 2013. We like to imagine that he’s spent many sleepless, heavily caffeinated days and nights since then to arrive at version 2. This version is a mechanical improvement over his original Rube Goldberg contraption. On top of that, it has improved electronics and code, with a color screen reminiscent of industrial control panels.

He’s also working on something called, “AutoBaristaScript(TM),” which attempts to hold the entire universe of pour-over coffee within its clutches. We don’t know when he’ll stop, but when he does finally create that perfect cup, what’s left of the world will breathe easier. They’ll also drink good coffee.


Editor’s Note: The Borg do not necessarily want to assimilate all sentient life as an end unto itself. The Kazon were deemed unworthy of assimilation (VOY: Mortal Coil). The Borg are driven towards perfection, accomplished by adding technological and biological distinctiveness to their own.

24 thoughts on “Hackaday Prize Entry: Coffee Machine Grows In Complexity With No Sign Of Stopping

    1. 7 of the 12 switch positions died before I bought it… Besides, in my universe, coffee needs to be drank in mugs. 11 would not fit in the teapot, because it would be around 2.25 liters…

  1. Funny that you mention Star Trek. Lately I’ve been thinking of working around the ‘fixed bug’ in Raspbian Jessie that causes black overscan borders by making a black background UI – and my first thought was an LCARS-like interface. My design skills aren’t that good, however, so I’m still thinking and will do some more DuckDuckGo-ing for examples that are close enough.
    Will post new sources on GitHub/HaD.io if/when it’s done. :)

  2. I’m pretty sure this project must have started with a burning desire to use that large red light in a project worthy of such an indicator. By George I think he’s done it!

    1. Aah no, busted… ;) Well, actually, I think the red switches and the voltmeter sparked the idea of v2.
      The red light: close. It was also lurking around my parts bin waiting for a destination. My grandpa designed public transport buses, this is one of the 6 (2×3) rear lights with a 10mm .5Watt LED.

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