Hand Waving Unlocks Door

Who doesn’t like the user interface in the movie Minority Report where [Tom Cruise] manipulates a giant computer screen by just waving his hands in front of it? [AdhamN] wanted to unlock his door with hand gestures. While it isn’t as seamless as [Tom’s] Hollywood interface, it manages to do the job. You just have to hold on to your smartphone while you gesture.

The project uses an Arduino and a servo motor to move a bolt back and forth. The gesture part requires a 1sheeld board. This is a board that interfaces to a phone and allows you to use its capabilities (in this case, the accelerometer) from your Arduino program.

The rest should be obvious. The 1sheeld reads the accelerometer data and when it sees the right gesture, it operates the servo. It would be interesting to do this with a smart watch, which would perhaps look a little less obvious.

We covered the 1sheeld board awhile back. Of course, you could also use NFC or some other sensor technology to trigger the mechanism. You can find a video that describes the 1sheeld below.

7 thoughts on “Hand Waving Unlocks Door

  1. If you have to hold the phone then why not just use a button?
    Or forget the phone and use voice control?
    Or you could use a depth sensing camera – there are quite a few in the market.
    Also, I wouldn’t trust that servo/latch attachment. If the blutac comes off, the servo drops, locking the latch.

    1. i just imagined the voice control. if a person on the outside hears the command and repeats it, rendering the whole thing useless.

      also, how does interfacing an of the shelf board with you phone and sticking a servo to your door qualify for an HaD article.

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