Faux-AI Clapper Almost Seems To Be Listening

When a job can be handled with a microcontroller, [devttys0] likes to buck the trend and build a circuit that requires no coding. Such was the case with this “Clapper”-inspired faux-AI light controller, which ends up being a great lesson in analog design.

The goal was to create a poor man’s JARVIS – something to turn the workshop lights on with a free-form vocal command. Or, at least to make it look that way. This is an all-analog circuit with a couple of op amps and a pair of comparators, so it can’t actually process what’s being said. “Aziz! Light!” will work just as well as any other phrase since the circuit triggers on the amplitude and duration of the spoken command. The AI-lite effect comes from the clever use of the comparators, RC networks to control delays, and what amounts to an AND gate built of discrete MOSFETs. The end result is a circuit that waits until you finish talking to trigger the lights, making it seems like it’s actually analyzing what you say.

We always enjoy [devttys0]’s videos because they’re great lessons in circuit design. From block diagram to finished prototype, everything is presented in logical steps, and there’s always something to learn. His analog circuits that demonstrate math concepts was a real eye-opener for us. And if you want some background on the height of 1980s AI tech that inspired this build, check out the guts of the original “Clapper”.

8 thoughts on “Faux-AI Clapper Almost Seems To Be Listening

    1. But at 1.5x speed his voice is too high pitched to activate the clapper relay in my own home, which is connected to a very long extension cord run all the way to [devttys0]’s home to power the faux-AI clapper you see in the video.

      This breaks the entire blogger-viewer feedback loop immersion amplifier, and ruins the entire experience for everyone!

      I think I can safely speak for everyone present to say just how disappointed in your suggestion we would all be then ;}

  1. Just what you need when your soldering in shorts and drop a blob on your leg, yell and the lights turn off.
    We had one years ago called Light commander it entertained our kids for quite some time.


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