Red Dwarf’s Talkie Toaster Tests Tolerance

DIY Talkie Toaster from Red Dwarf

In the Red Dwarf TV series, Talkie Toaster wants to know if you want toast, and if not toast, then maybe a muffin or waffle, and it will pester you incessantly until you smash it with a 14lb lump hammer and throw it in a waste disposal. Now [slider2732] has actually gone and made one of the infernal machines!

He’s hidden a PIR sensor in the toaster handle to tell an Arduino Pro Mini when someone is unfortunate enough to be passing by. The Arduino then reads sound files from an SD card reader and plays them through a 3 watt amplifier out to a speaker. For that he uses the TMRpcm library available on github.

[slider2732] cleverly mounted the speaker to the side of the toaster along with some appropriately shaped bits and pieces, and some LEDs to make it appear and work much like the circular panel that lights up on the real Talkie Toaster. We dare you to watch the video after the break, unless you really are looking for toast. As a consolation, the video also walks through making it.

These links will take you to clips of Talkie Toaster in the TV series before he was smashed and after he was repaired.

And what else can you do with a toaster? Why not make a flying one. Of course what seems to be most popular here on Hackaday is making reflow ovens from toaster ovens.

10 thoughts on “Red Dwarf’s Talkie Toaster Tests Tolerance

  1. The person who invents the Alexa-like AI that only responds with the correct movie lines will be a very well-liked person.

    This wouldn’t stand up to Billy The Bass Alexa (the brilliance of which I still can’t get over) but it could be a close second.

  2. LOL it’s at moments like these I start to question whether I’m old or just weird… 1/3rd of the comments here are from people stating they’ve never heard of Talkie the Toaster?! Couldn’t imagine having one of my own… there might be a sledge-hammer involved. But this is pretty slick.

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