Flying RC Toaster

flying toaster

Do you remember that screen saver from the 80’s of flying toasters? Well the guys over at Flite Test just made a real flying toaster.

The first challenge was converting a toaster to run off batteries, which [David] accomplished by splitting the elements in the 110V toaster into 4 segments, and running them off of 6-cell LiPo — when the toaster is on, it draws almost 700W. The next question was — how much of an effect does air flow have on a toaster’s ability to toast? As it turns out, not that much! They tested the system by driving down the street holding a toaster out of the passenger window of the car, and while they got some strange looks, they also successfully toasted the bread.

The next step was making a plane capable of carrying the extra batteries, and a bulky, not-so-aerodynamic toaster. This was probably the easiest part, as they have made a flying 20kg cinder block before. Needless to say, making a toaster capable of flight was not much of a challenge.

Our favorite part of the video is the test flight, where [Josh] wears a POV visor system to, wait for it… watch the bread toasting. Check it out after the break!

These guys are great — you might remember our past coverage on their RC plane with an afterburner, or their POV airsoft turret plane!

[Thanks  Ryan!]


  1. After Dark FTW

  2. dave says:

    I understand the answer is “Because we can”, but why?

    also, not surprising that wind doesn’t diminish the toasting effect. It’s mostly via radiant heat transfer.

    • Mike Szczys says:

      Did you not enjoy seeing this thing actually come together? That’s why!

      Oh, and why is almost always the wrong question around here.

    • James says:

      Even though the primary heat transfer mechanism is radiation, it is entirely possible for the airflow through the toaster to remove the heat from the surface of the toast via convection before the surface reaches a “browning” temperature.

    • qwerty says:

      Why? Just one word: serendipity.
      By doing something apparently useless that involves thinking, you often encounter new unexpected problems whose solution will give you experience and knowledge that will help one day when facing other problems in more practical contexts.

      Or, like someone once said, discoveries are made by not following instructions.

  3. Jon S. says:

    I was impressed by the flying skills of those guys! Especially the chase copter!

  4. okowsc says:

    Coming Soon,Toast on demand.

  5. ameyring says:

    Would be fun to see an quadcopter do the same and it can be done indoors safely!

  6. A big Dick says:

    Like the seemingly pointless of making a 20kg cinder block fly.
    IMHO a perfect assault weapon. Imagine someone dropping one of these on Barack Osamas head during a public speak. I would laugh my ass off.

  7. Patrick - Bethesda, MD says:

    Obama’s Latest Spying Drone

  8. This is ridiculously silly, and I approve!

  9. Michael Chen says:


    Lol, I agree one learns a lot and everything, but I can’t help but wonder in what context you would have the idea of making a flying toaster. Still, nicely done and executed.

  10. mjrippe says:

    Mmmmmmm, toast!

  11. Hirudinea says:

    They have to modify the toaster so it ejects from the bottom, how great would it be to have a plane that could shit English muffins!

  12. Guinnessman says:

    Flying toaster are called cylon raider. You are going to frackin going get this planet blown up.

  13. echodelta says:

    Toaster crumbs wherever, and toaster fires…
    Bagel rated?

  14. Harvie.CZ says:

    They should mind at least some basic security rules and equip the toast with parachute :-)

  15. Augur says:

    I’m so sorry.. But I have to say it… This is really.. FAST FOOD..

  16. Blue Footed Booby says:

    It’s like a fixed-wing breakfast tacocopter. It owns so hard.

  17. steel says:

    “It isn’t about why, it is about why not”

    Cave Johnson

  18. Winston says:

    I wanna see dropping “TOAST” bombs on people. Drone Toasters.

  19. adcurtin says:

    4:50 is a perfect example of accents rubbing off on other people.

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