Snowed-In In The City? The Snow Bike Will Get You Where You Need To Go

If have ever gone snowmobiling, you may have thought about how to revive that thrill in the more confined atmosphere of an urban environment — to say nothing of their utility. In anticipation of heavy snowfall  over the winter in his hometown, [Ben] stripped the essence of the snowmobile down as an emergency vehicle and reshaped it into the Snow Bike.

This compact, winter transportation solution uses an e-bike controller, a chopped up ski, and a heavy snowblower track and a large RC plane motor for power all strapped onto a modified mountain bike frame. The motor mount is machined aluminum, the track rollers milled out of spare plastic — though they later had to be modified as they tended to get clogged by snow — and the front ski is simply bolted on using some 3″ square tubing.

Due to its small size the Snow Bike looks about as stable as a pocket bike, so perhaps some training tracks and or skis might help in deeper powder. [Ben] also notes that the present motor doesn’t have much power so the rider needs to keep it at full throttle to push through the snow. That said — seeing this thing smoothly cruising around in several inches of snow makes us wish we had one of our own.

If this ride isn’t fast enough for you, check out these rocket-powered winter vehicles.


20 thoughts on “Snowed-In In The City? The Snow Bike Will Get You Where You Need To Go

  1. I’ve got the real thing – the Chrysler Sno Runner. Most people never knew they existed. When you learn about the back story and how they were designed for the military you would be glad they never made it into service of you were training for artic conditions. I couldn’t imagine actually strapping one them my back and hiking it in where it needed to be deployed. They are heavy and awkward just to move it around the garage.

  2. There was that classic Heathkit from about 1965 into the seventies, The Boonie Bike. It was a motorized (gas) all terrain bike, very small. Fat tires, and if things got stuck, you could push with your legs.

    And n accessory was a short skit that fitted to the front, for use in snow. You didn’t even have to remove the front tire.


  3. and again hackaday succeeds in putting an animated GIF with the size of 9.358.018 Bytes on the website, slowing the whole wireless world down… Hackaday, PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS!!!

    It also isn’t of any use because the link to the video is a few inches below.

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