Chess Set From Car Parts

Chess has been around for an awfully long time, automobiles less so. However, there’s no reason the two can’t be combined, like in this chess set fashioned from automotive components.

The project was made as a gift, and is the sort of thing that’s quite accessible for an interested maker to attempt at home. Parts used to build the set include valves, valve springs, spark plugs, castellated nuts and pipe fittings. As the parts don’t actually need to be in good working condition, a haul like this could likely easily be had for less than $50 from the local pull-it-yourself wrecking yard — or free if you know a mechanic with some expired engines lying around.

The metalworking side of things involves trimming down and welding together the parts, before polishing them up and applying a coat of paint to create the white and black, or in this case, gold and black pieces.

Overall, it’s a fun weekend project that could be tackled in any number of ways depending on your creativity and taste. For a different take, check out this 3D laser cut chess set.

23 thoughts on “Chess Set From Car Parts

    1. That won’t work on the ceramics like spark plugs, plus many different types of metals that won’t respond the same or go same colors – and what about rust? (yes black oxide will prevent, but the bead blast?)

      I like this… Great idea for a car enthusiast… If you wanted to show off the underneath, some black and white flake in clear laquer could work but i like the simplicity of paint in this case myself ????

  1. Nice idea, bishops & knights seem to be swapped from the link but, np
    its good to see people making use of & adding diversity.

    The edible versions are nice too, ie when taking a piece you get to
    eat it but, beware the rooks look sweet but are full of chilli. Who can
    guess where the Queens come from when pawn hits the end ;-)

  2. Very innovative idea and nice execution!

    I guess I’ll have to be “that guy” and point out that he’s got the knights and bishops sitting on the wrong squares?

  3. Innovative idea and nice execution!

    I guess I’ll be “that guy” and point out that the knights and bishops are on the wrong squares?

    (Hope this isn’t a double post — my last one didn’t appear)

    1. No BBcode, only HTML. But for most images you can simply paste the URL and WordPress embeds it automatically, as long as it ends in .jpg or .gif.
      Some image sites don’t work, Imgur gets messed up.
      Just be courteous and don’t upload anything absolutely gigantic.

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