Machine Learning IDE In Alpha

Machine is an IDE for building machine learning systems using TensorFlow. You can sign up for the alpha, but first, have a look at the video below to see what it is all about.

You’ll see in the video, that you can import data for a model and then do training (in this case, to find a mustache in an image). You’ll see the IDE invites an iterative approach to development since you can alter parameters, run experiments, and see the results.

The IDE syncs with “the cloud” so you can work on it from multiple computers and roll back to previous results easily. We don’t know when the IDE will leave alpha status (or beta, for that matter), but the team’s goal is to release a free version of Machine to encourage widespread adoption.

If you want to learn more about TensorFlow, you are in the right place. We’ve also covered a bare-bones project if you’d rather get started that way. You can also find some good background material going all the way back to the early perceptron-based neural networks.

11 thoughts on “Machine Learning IDE In Alpha

  1. Only a matter of time. Folks will argue; CLI vs. IDE. However, we must admit this is an awesome step. Heck 10-15 yrs ago OpenCV was still in infancy. 20? Bitcoin was a paper/essay. Now if only I can get Gentoo/ArchLinux with OpenRC highly streamlined and have a optimized Xen Dom 0 hypervisor without hours of configuring or reading old setup guides and wikis. We could walk away cleanly from Win and Mac…

    Awesome project once again.

  2. interesting concept. there seems to be very little information about the project (e.g. names, organisations, software used etc) either on the website or on the twitter, maybe you get more info if you sign up for it. Anybody know any more?

  3. I really like the simplicity of the Program. It is easy to read what is happening within the actual Machine Learning Model, as well as manipulating the properties of the program itself. Would love to get my hands on the Beta! Will keep an eye on this one

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