An Enchanted Rose For A Beauty

Being a maker opens up so many doors in terms of ways to romance one’s partner through passion projects. If their passion is Disney films, then you may handily make them the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast for their birthday. Easy-peasy.

In addition to the love and care that went into this build, redditor [Vonblackhawk2811] has included a set of LEDs, salvaged from cheap flashlights and electronic candles, which are controlled by four toggle switches and offer multiple lighting selections — candlelight, soft white, colour cycling, and bright white — to appropriately set the mood. As if that wasn’t enough to romance his sweetheart, he’s also included an aux cord input and a pair of speakers so they may be serenaded by a tune or two as they dance the night away.

Liberal use of hot glue and duct tape are keeping the electronics secured, preventing any shorts. After all — what would it say if this gift went up in flames? An inspired stencil design — hand drawn and cut out — was used to apply a spray-on frosted glass finish to the cloche, and a romantic phrase was burned into the base, completing this heartfelt gift. The only quibble we have is that now we all have to step up our game in the courtship department.

That is, unless one is sporting the Romance Pants.

[via /r/DIY]

11 thoughts on “An Enchanted Rose For A Beauty

  1. Why build a beautiful rose gadget when you can design Bell’s Dad’s chopping machine of death? C’mon and get into the real axe swinging out of control steampunk robot spirit of DIY!
    Fun fact, Belle’s father ran an early version of HAD back when the routing table included horse couriers, the French semaphore network, pigeons, and town criers.

  2. An interesting thing on roses. Ever noticed how wonderful a garden rose can smell and how disappointingly dull a shop rose smells?
    The catch is in the oils. The oils make the wonderful smell, but its also the oils that shorten the shelf life. So shop roses are bred to have no smell. :-(

  3. I’d love to have a beautiful and loving girlfriend to motivate me to inspire and make something like this. Hell, even one to make me WANT to get out of bed and keep living would be nice.

  4. An entire large breadboard, on a baseplate, no less… Wow! They make breadboard PCBs, for cheap, btw. Way cheaper than the breadboard. You just copy the breadboard design to the holes on the breadboard PCB and solder the parts.

  5. “If their passion is Disney films,”
    That´s why i keep coming to HaD: the kitschy, naive, immature, cheesy America.
    From homemade guns, to homemade car tuning, to homemade Hollywood and Disney props, and metric/imperial, drones flamewars and WWII nostalgia, there is always something like this to remember you: OH MY GOD, THIS IS SO HACKADAY

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