Hackaday Links: September 24, 2017

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This is it. After twelve years we finally have a new Star Trek. Star Trek: Discovery (we’re using ST:DSC as the abbreviation) is airing right about when this post goes up. Next week, you’ll have to pay CBS $6USD a month to get your Star Trek fix, and today might be the last time a new episode of Star Trek is aired on broadcast TV ever. Enjoy it now, and hope the theme song doesn’t have lyrics. Also, hope The Orville is a tenth as good as a Galaxy Quest series could be.

What’s the best way to describe Delta Sigma PLLs? The Cat In The Hat (PDF, page 31). [Dr. Tune] found a Seuss reference in a TI app note. Personally, I’m a fan of hand-drawn cartoons, but we’ll take what we can get.

This weekend the Prusa I3 MK3 was announced. A good printer just got better. Now here’s the video.

The Raspberry Pi is a great media storage device, but it’s absolutely insufficient for audiophile tomfoolery. Here’s a neat Pi DAC/amp/DSP thingy. The VoltaStream turns the Raspberry Pi into a WiFi-connected pair of speakers with low-latency audio in and a TOSLINK connector.

SpaceX! There is serious consideration being given to starting an ‘Elon Musk column’ here on Hackaday. There will be SpaceX updates coming this week from the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide. What will we find out? I don’t know bruh, but I just got back from Burning Man and I realized it was a whole lot like Mars and I was wondering Elon, like, have you ever been to Burning Man because it’s really dusty and a whole lot like Mars and there’s not much water… Please, organizers of the IAC, I implore you: give more idiots microphones. That was hilarious.

How was the World Maker Faire in New York this weekend? In one word, empty. Abnormally so. Maker Faire was not as crowded as last year, and you could actually move around. My agoraphobia didn’t kick in until the afterparties, and lines for the $5 bottles of water were short. Bay Area Faire attendance was down 16% from 2016-2017, and I would bet attendance for the NY Faire would be down a similar amount. Even a 10% decline in attendance would be noteworthy; the weather last year was cold and rainy and this year was beautiful. There are rumors, speculation, and people wondering how long Maker Faire will continue, but except for Intel pulling out of the maker market, no actual information. Millennials are killing the Maker Faire industry?

38 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: September 24, 2017

    1. Episode 3 made me a it apprehensive about where it’s going with The Orville
      And I hear in general people aren’t sure how the show will settle because the 3 episodes don’t quite seem the same line.

      As for the CBS show, I just hope it’s not as bad as the trailer made it seem, that insane lens flare and other awful camera and lighting effects made that trailer pretty damn awful in itself already.

    2. Orville, aside from boring and stupid, isn’t funny. And yes, it is more STNG than STNG in some ways, like facing off starships 100 yards apart. The really awkward mix of lame gags and space opera does not bode well.

  1. Holy Crap! STD was terrible! they should be ashamed at what they have done with Roddenberry’s opus magnum… so let me be perfectly clear about how i feel about STD….

    1. Well, I watched an episode of ST:D after hearing nothing but bad remarks and hearing IMDB is also full of negativity, and lo and behold the show is fine (and it’s not like that awful trailer at all).
      So sorry folks, based on 1 episode I judge the show to be OK and not horrible or awful or any such cries.

      1. Addendum: Mind you I can see how some don’t like it, and I don’t quite see the ‘society has advanced in the future’ thing in it, it seems to firmly be in the now in terms of view on the social and moral aspect of society. And yeah that’s a pity.

        And if you don’t do the Roddenberry thing anyway, of a society that moved on to a more calm and rational state, then The Expanse might be a better watch, depending on your taste of course. Although with that show you have to get over an initial bump of a few initial episodes before it becomes good

  2. For my part, Orville seems to be on a par with “Red Dwarf” and I gave up on that one. And I firmly believe that St:Discovery will turn out to be a big rotten something else for them.

    And yes this years Maker Faire was rather empty, and while I missed the chance to talk to the Space Agency guys… I did see all of you again. I did get a chance to talk to the Arduino chap about the later advances behind the gadgetry.

    1. That’s the most odd comparison ever, the only similarity between red dwarf and The Orville is that they both have space ships, are in the supposed future, and have sometimes very cheesy jokes I guess. But I’d not for a second draw a comparison between such dissimilar productions.

    2. Red Dwarf 12 is out in the UK this week on Dave. Which is free to air.

      “Next week, you’ll have to pay CBS $6USD a month to get your Star Trek fix”

      There are these things called torrents and youtube live…

      Amuses me that the adverts for films on the TV “only available in cinemas” bzzzt erm…
      We should all report the adverts to the ASA for being factually incorrect. For the lulz.

  3. I really applaud the VoltaStream guys for being open about the openness of their products (that is to say, they have posted schematics but are explicitly not providing anything more related to the hardware just like the raspi people). Along that line, their VoltaStream ZERO is honestly more interesting that the amp product, because it is in fact fully open hardware–something there is very little of when you are looking for a decent ARM with a working linux distro. Furthermore, because the NXP chip they are using is fully documented (unlike the broadcom device used in the raspi) the software stack should be fully open as well (I have not tried to check) making this a very interesting device in terms of its openness.

  4. MakerFaire is more swap meet than fair. Booths that consistently did well treated it like a fair and had a good deal of interactivity. MF needs to request makerspaces make game booths for priority spaces (FatLab ex.) and seek a profit collaboration and the printer-cnc booths, print and cnc, with profit collaboration. Expos suck.

  5. Once upon a time, Star Trek was about story telling. Short stories. I guess, good short stories are too expensive nowadays. Now it is like second life, facebook or instagram. I don’t need a TV show for that.
    Reboot, reboot, reboot. There is nothing left except for the name, like big tech companies that are being sold out.

    How about another show in the TNG universe? A colony, more androids, AI, … Too complicated to write?
    What about the topic of technological implants among the population of the Federation (like RFID under the skin today)? Externally grown organs? Overpopulation? Terra forming, weather control, genetic food (where there are no replicators), elections…
    There was a time when Star Trek was trying to show a way into the future, when Star Trek was trying to show a way for solving todays problems.
    No more. Won’t touch it. So no more Star Trek for me.

    1. If I remember correctly, there was an episode, where La Forge made a joke:
      The technology of his visor saved a colony, in which he never could have existed due to genetic pre-selection.

      The federation was always relatively critical about technology. They didn’t run around with cyborg implants or computer chips/connections in their head. Only the bad guys did that.

      There are some other topics that I am not going to write about here.

      Star Trek lost the part of the audience that liked Star Trek exactly for that.

    2. Star Trek adapted a bunch of short stories from the Golden Age of SF, and even an H.G. Wells story. They have a hard time finding or creating new material. The old stories have no problem with real bad guys and fighting to win. Or just being decisive. All considered improper today.

  6. > The VoltaStream turns the Raspberry Pi into a WiFi-connected pair of speakers with
    > low-latency audio in and a TOSLINK connector.

    Are you sure about that? To me it looks like a completely independent devicethat comes in Raspberry Pi form-factor.

  7. I was attending a wedding in Princeton on Saturday and contemplated driving the additional hour+ to go to Makerfaire NY on Sunday. The shows short hours, relatively high cost (all those in DC and Maryland I attended were free) and the intense heat for the 2nd and 3rd days of fall (90+), discouraged me. I’ll go local. Maybe I’ll go to the one in 2018 at San Mateo by only if I can make it a California trip for the family and that is just one day in the bay area of a multiday family vacation (haven’t been to SF in 9 years).

  8. Where the nearest Maker Fair was a hour rive I never attended one. To be able to feel that Millennials could be responsible for any decline o maker Fair, one would have to believe Millennials played a substantial role in any success of Maker Fairs. To bring up Millennials in the manner they where is simply bigotry, sorry if making an accusation towards another that makes subtle accusation is out of line here. Maker Fair and the activity behinds Maker Fair events is a lezuire time activity. The ability of people to take part inn lezuire time activity waxes and wanes. even if their interest remain steady.

    1. “The ability of people to take part inn lezuire time activity waxes and wanes. even if their interest remain steady.”

      I am rebuilding an old truck, sometimes I wonder if it is deteriorating faster than my attempts. B^)
      But the underlying truth is…
      When I have time to work on it, I’m unemployed and need to spend my time looking for work and not spend my
      money on truck parts.
      When I don’t have time to work on it, I’m employed, and need to spend my time on day to day activities, and therefore don’t know which truck parts to buy next.

  9. i tried watching discovery on tv tonight and couldn’t even make it through due to the ad spam. i downloaded the show some hours later from a less than reputable source. this made the plot intelligible. its probibly a good thing that this will be the last time the show airs on tv, ever. i can thus watch the show without being brainwashed into that voluntary indentured servitude system that we call smart phones.

    1. How about when the network does the 3~5 second cut back to the show? then back to more commercials.
      Pretty much a tacit admission that even the networks know the commercial “break” has gotten far far too long.
      And yes, without commercial skipping (**disabled in most “on demand” from networks), I lose the plot or sometimes completely forget what in hell I was waiting to see return.
      **I don’t quite understand why skipping 2 year old commercials isn’t permitted.
      The vast majority is badly dated & no longer relevant sale promotions or TV shows that have already been canceled and not even the pilot is left to be seen.

  10. “This weekend the Prusa I3 MK3 was announced. A good printer just got better.”

    So how many months before it doesn’t have multi-month lead times? Joseph, stop trying to do production manufacturing with 3d printers. High volume low cost production is NOT what FDM 3d printers are designed for.

    As for everyone complaining about Star Trek: Discovery: amazing how two episodes in, you have the whole series figured out! Especially since the first two episodes amounted to an introduction for the main character. So much butthurt…

  11. I went to the Bay Area Maker Faire twice, a few years ago, and the huge crowds were actually what made me stop going, even though I live much closer now. Maybe the number of attendants has reached a critical mass where everyone just thinks it’s too busy and stays home? Who knows. For me it might be a reason to go again if attendance is down.

    I watched the first episode of The Orrville and was thoroughly disappointed; I wanted to give it one more chance but instead of the second episode, my DVR had recorded an hour of sportsball. Welp, I guess if Fox doesn’t care about it, neither do I.

    As for ST:D, I’m not going to let myself get sucked into Yet Another Streaming subscription where I pay for something that I can have for free. If it’s good, it’ll eventually go into syndication. If not, I won’t have wasted my time.

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