Listen To The Netherworld With Artificial Intelligence

It’s that time of year again, and with Halloween arguably being the hacker’s perfect holiday, we’re starting to see a tick up in projects with a spooky theme. Most seem to do with making some otherwise tame Halloween decorations scarily awesome, but this is different — using artificial intelligence to search for ghosts.

It seems like [Matt Reed]’s “DeepWhisper” project is meant to be taken as light-hearted fun for the spooky season, but there may be a touch of seriousness to his efforts to listen in on ghostly conversations. The principle behind this is electronic voice phenomena (EVP), whereby the metabolically and/or dimensionally challenged are purported to influence electronic systems, resulting in heavily processed audio clips that seem to have a whispered endearment from the departed or a threat from a malevolent spirit. DeepWhisper takes this a step further by using a Raspberry Pi to feed audio into the Google Cloud Speech API for analysis. If anything is whispered in one of the 110 or so languages Google knows, it’ll get displayed on a screen. [Matt] plans to set DeepWhisper up in the aptly-named Butchertown section of Nashville and live-stream the results next week.

It’ll be interesting to see what Google’s neural network makes out of the random noise it will probably only ever hear. And [Matt] is planning on releasing his code for all to see, so there may be some valuable cloud techniques to learn from DeepWhisper. But in the unlikely event that he does discover ghosts, it’s nice to know you can have the tools and the talent to bust ’em.

19 thoughts on “Listen To The Netherworld With Artificial Intelligence

    1. “An” SDR, well you’re only off by a few powers of ten if you want to get intelligible recordings of all possible broadcasts. Then if you’re using the same speech recognition, because a lot of them will be listening to “dead air” you’ve just really set up a massively parallel version of the same thing.

  1. Dan Maloney – Sorry for being so esoteric here. Eschatologically speaking, according to a guy called Saul of Tarsus in the 1st century AD, in one of his many letters to some ancient Greeks, he pretty much summed up who this gadget is REALLY monitoring (and I use that word loosely). King Solomon, much earlier than that, expressed his thoughts on who most of you THINK you are talking/communicating with but is quite impossible due to them not being extant any more. However, the ostensible masquerading metaphysical entities Saul was talking about STILL are, and should be avoided for personal safety reasons.

    Furthermore, if THEY wanted you to monitor their incidental personal private “chatter” among themselves, this method would not be the actual method to do it (there is none). This is just what they want you to hear – complete with whitenoise background. If you could superstitiously monitor them it certainly would not be in YOUR language. I don’t think the CLOUD method has proto-Hebrew, or Canaanite, Sumerian, Aramaic, and Latin – all languages living people in the occult world have empirically heard being used audibly – but directed at them.

    I personally believe the native language of the universe is Aramaic-like. But I have no credible evidence to support that wild assumption. Just suffice it to say this HACK is WHACK, stay away or you may suffer the life-safety consequences for dabbling in things you really don’t understand, nor could. This folly is like standing on a dark US urban street corner and just “act” like your counting money – the late American comedian Richard Pryor. :-)

    “Verbum sapienti satis est”. – Latin

    1. If anything is still here and able to hurt you, they don’t need a silly halloween game to do so. They can hurt you at any moment they wish, without warning, dabbling or not. Dionysius, de sword of Damocles guy, has nothing on these entities. Your welbeing is already forsaken.

      1. Nay – That same guy (Saul ) said that yes these entities are still here and as Solomon said as they (i.e. Netherworld) are not former humans (i.e. dead people) as that is a myth strategically created by these disobedient and rebellious metaphysical entities to support their ongoing antithetical theme of after-life immortality (and many other antithetical themes normalized today by ignorant humans). Saul (aka Paul) also explained that “they” can only physically hurt (not immediately but at their tactical leisure) those who voluntarily dabble with them through silly halloween games (i.e. This device, Ouija boards, Tarot, etc.). They are restricted from doing as you say (physical violence) by the very metaphysical One they are rebelling against (that One being the non-anthropomorphic sentient quantum singularity – the One that causes to be). This is His/It’s name below:

        So no humans should want to voluntarily join into their metaphysical misanthropic rebellion by dabbling with toys meant to ALLEGEDLY communicate with them. They can not hurt those who are not siding with them, not listening to them, not rebelling with them , or otherwise not dabbling with them. They are misanthropic for a very historical reason. And they achieved the greatest trick ever pulled convincing to the ignorant world that they really don’t exist (/sarcasm). As I said before Verbum sapienti satis est – you’ve been warned!

        Dan – don’t blame me for starting this topic. You opened the door and I felt I needed to say something… :-)

        1. [Uses a 555 timer and and erector set to build an articulated hand to facepalm for me]

          “don’t blame me for starting this topic. You opened the door and I felt I needed to say something…”

          Ah yes, thats why I need to entertain flat-earthers on every mapping post

          Why aren’t we taking time to look into what we’re REALLY hearing, and thats the snores of Cthulu as its writte in the ancient texts:

          “That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.”


          TL;DR My ancient spooky villain is better

          1. Galactus Alopexus – What I meant was that HaD moderators don’t care for esoteric preachers of Yahweh or Cthulu taking over threads here with our TL;DR diatribes. So I was saying he (Dan) presented the opportunity with his Halloween theme about Netherworlds. I’m not blaming him, I enjoy the opportunity to say something about it.

            No sorry you can’t just stereotype me as some puerile Fundamentalist “flat earther”. I guess you are not a HaD regular like myself. I tend to go medieval on Flatheads because I can not suffer fools and dullards. As a free-moral-agent YHWH allows all humans to make their own decisions in life and suffer the consequences of their voluntary foolish actions. So I guess you are free to com’ with Cthulu or whatever name the slanderer and resistor masquerader comes up these days with to trick benighted souls into his web of lies and antithetical propaganda.

            Non-Recommended Experiment: Try asking your Ouija board or this gadget to tell you a one word non-evasive non-pivoting answer how to pronounce YHWH (aka Yahweh) in American or British English (your native language). I’ll bet you will not get a satisfactory responsive answer. But you may get some sort of spooky rambling answer, just not the correct one. And don’t accept they “I don’t know”. That is a direct lie.

          1. donov4n – Well if you changed your OCR’s language config to HEBREW if would read that Tetragrammaton word from right to left as Y H W H in LATIN (or English alphabet). It translates to “Yahweh” which means “the one that causes to be” or something like that… It’s the ancient Hebrew deity. Your irreverent humor is duly noted… ;-)

      1. The problem I have with believing in demons and contacting the dead, is that if it worked, we would have militarized it by now

        We spend billions per year on ways to kill people, you think we wouldn’t hesitate to use spooky forces if they were real?

        1. We’d use them if they weren’t real. Particularly if you had a technology, not yet quite ubiquitous enough to be recognised, say moving pictures, and deployed it in front of unsophisticated common men…

          Or maybe you didn’t even need that and just put the rumor of it around later.

          The Chinese people for example seem to be particularly superstitious, at least their government bans any movies with ghosts or supernatural content, so I’d imagine that in a war with China, that would be leveraged for as much as it was worth.

  2. It would be interesting to see one of Tesla’s Spirt radios used in this experiment, after the movie idea. The Spirt radio is probably just picking up bleed over modulation ham signals but it would be cool to see what AI could identify. Although in Tesla’s time ham was not a real thing and he was freaked out by what he heard from his device one night.

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