Flowing Light Art Inspired By Plankton

With today’s technology, art can be taken in directions that have never before been possible. Taking advantage of this, [teamlab] — an art collective from Japan — have unveiled an art installation that integrates the attendee into the spectacle. In the dark room of the piece ‘Moving Creates Vortices and Vortices Create Movement,‘ you are the brush that paints the flowing display.

Inspired by the movement of ocean plankton, this borrows your movement to create tapestries of light with mirrored walls to aggrandize the effect. As attendees walk about the room, their movements are tracked and translated into flowing patterns projected onto the ground. The faster the people move, the greater the resultant flow. Even those who have stopped to take in the scene are themselves still part of it; their idle forms mimic boulders in a river — as eddies would churn about the obstacle, so too does the light flow around the attendee.

Sadly, details are scant on the tech going on behind the scenes, much as we may wish to see the gears turning. However, we’ve seen similarly dazzling displays in glowing pathways, and giant, interactive flowers.

[Via Colossal]

9 thoughts on “Flowing Light Art Inspired By Plankton

    1. I try not to join the “not a hack” bandwagon, because its usually not constructive, but this really is the kind of content that has caused me to fall from a daily HaD reader (for 8+ years) to now just checking HaD at most once a month.

      IMO, technical details are what differentiate HaD from other “tech media outlets”. Articles like this, without any technical detail, are no better than my YouTube feed, social media feeds, or any of the millions of other tech blogs that bombard my news feed. Without technical details, HaD begins to fall below the noise floor and lose my attention. I don’t say this to be rude, but rather to provide some feedback about the type of content that is causing HaD to slowly lose at least one loyal reader.

  1. I can add some tech thoughts.

    Use sensors relating to wireless ECG, EMG and/or EEG signals of the attendants and create patterns, colors and maybe more like sounds that are up or down converted to visualize the attendants bio resonance state.

    I guess I am inspired by the idea from I want to say a U.S. Army or maybe was an airport security system that would play music based on the EEG/ECG signals or something sensed with those movements of those in proximity. Calmer can be associated with a safer lower risk where-as hyper or nervous can be associated with a higher security threat.

    This type system is not valid however as is like a polygraph examination that doesn’t factor in some sort of background questioning, countermeasure awareness, drug screening and with more thorough mind mapping or the regions of the brain and body responding to the question as well as thermal and facial pattern recognition. The key to the validation of the exam is like an IPO… input, process and output. Scary how pathetic some operations to this day are… almost like credit cards where we can be using retinal scans and fingerprints… though are just now updating to chips???? Huh??? Why not rapid DNA testing? Talk about a new industry.

  2. Neat ambiance and effect. I’d go to see.

    I was thinking by the title before reading this would be like actual plankton that were bio-luminescing due to human interaction. That would be awesome. In the split second or two reading the title (I’m drinking my coffee after sleeping in)… I assumed what I noted where there can be improvements to COTS systems where we could have bio-luminescence lighting and also bio-diesel or bio-fuel grown that would also produce oxygen for the internal or external environment.

    Calming art kind of reminds me now of this house I am restoring and how used to be so much more alive and fresh with plant life and cactus and people… now all moved on and left with postmortem decay I am tearing out. All because communities I grew up in have in the last 30 yrs or so have turned into like the movie Black Mass, American Gangster, American Made and other Italian Mafia movies with more corrupt officials like in Black Mass and American Made. Communities that compound and conceal valid forensics that I trained on that didn’t like my level of detail and probably don’t like me learning about the ELINT/SIGINT/MASINT/RADINT/RINT/IMINT ES/TS gone EW poaching issues and concerns. My guess is Roman Catholics invading the U.S. poaching Protestants, U.S. Jurisdiction officials or whatever is not them.

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