AT-ST High Chair Elevates Lucky Jedi Youngling

As a new parent, there’s lots you have to do. You have to buy a car seat, get the baby’s room ready, figure out daycare; all the boring but unavoidable minutiae of shepherding a tiny human. But for the more creative types, that list might include warming up the 3D printer or putting a fresh bit in the CNC, as there’s no better way to welcome a little one into the world than giving them some custom gear to get started with.

That’s certainly been the plan for [Matthew Regonini], who’s been showering his son with DIY playthings. He recently wrote in to tell us about his awesome AT-ST high chair build that manages to turn the drudgery of getting a baby to eat into an epic worthy of a John Williams score.

This isn’t the first time [Matthew] has turned dead trees into Imperial hardware. Last year we covered his fantastic AT-AT rocker which utilized the same construction techniques. The parts are cut out of plywood with his CNC, separated, cleaned up on a spindle sander, and finally assembled with wood glue and a few strategic fasteners. The depth and level of detail he’s able to achieve when the individual pieces are stacked up is exceptionally impressive. If builds like these don’t get you thinking about adding a CNC to your workshop, nothing will.

As with the AT-AT, the finish on the high chair is simply a healthy application of polyurethane. This keeps the wood from being porous (important as this build will be seeing its fair share of food and liquids) while retaining a natural look. Some might be tempted to paint it up in appropriate Imperial colors, but that might be a bit imposing considering its intended occupant.

Really, the only downside with this build is how quickly his son will outgrow it. The obvious solution to the problem is a constant supply of fresh babies to pilot it, but that’s one type of creation that we don’t generally detail here on Hackaday. If you have questions, ask your parents.

Incidentally, it’s starting to look like we’ve got a plywood arms-race going on. We’re excited to see somebody take it to the next level. A little scared, but mainly excited.

20 thoughts on “AT-ST High Chair Elevates Lucky Jedi Youngling

  1. Go piss on somebody else’s parade. Or your own. You have no authority to judge what is a waste of a person’s time other than your own, and you’re spending yours being a dick on the internet.

  2. I think this is a piece of art. It should be passed down to someone who will use it. I personally think this is more interesting than buying a commercial product that has no personal value to those using it. That lack of a connection with stuff is what leads to things being discarded rather than passed on to someone who will also love it, even if just for a brief period of time.

    1. “That lack of connection with stuff”
      As my mind raced across “hoarding” and swirled from “If this thing could talk” to the internet of things, then bounced past “The Final Cut”
      and zig zagged around a few of the thrift shops & flea markets that I’ve mused my way thorough, over the course of a half century.
      …and then thought, “what a little piece of sci-fi novel might be written from it all”.
      “Slow Glass” anyone?
      Ahh, sorry, my ADD/dilettantism strikes again.

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