RC Car Hacked Into Paintball Shooting Tank

RV paintball shooting tank

What’s more fun, driving RC cars around on rugged terrain, or having a paintball battle? How about doing both at the same time by making an RC controlled, paintball firing tank? [Nate] from the King of Random YouTube channel did just that by mounting a modified paintball gun to a stripped-down RC car, adding an RC trigger to remotely fire the gun, and covering it all in EVA foam armor in the shape of a tank. And then he did it again so that he’d have someone to battle against.

RC car with paintball gun attached
RC car with paintball gun attached

He walks through the full build in the first video below, but here are some things that stood out for us. It took some fiddling to get a servo to pull the gun trigger but how could he remotely control the servo? For that, he took over the car’s RC receiver signal for controlling audio and made it turn on and off the servo instead. We also like his use of aluminum bar. This stuff is available in the hardware section at stores like Home Depot and is easy to cut and bend. You can see it used here for mounting Wimshurst machine parts to a bicycle, and in this hack, [Nate] used it to mount the paintball gun rigidly to the car frame. He did surprise us when he used rivets instead of nuts and bolts to hold the frame together. That’s not something you see often, and it worked great.

As we said, he made two of them. In the second video below, watch the tanks in action as [Nate] and fellow YouTuber [Stuart Edge] have a tank battle in the desert.

17 thoughts on “RC Car Hacked Into Paintball Shooting Tank

    1. Ah came here to post the same thing, been checking in on that site for years. I always found the different methods for track making pretty fascinating, not to mention the turret mechanisms. I’ve wanted to try to make a small indoor battle tank setup using lasers or IR. 1 hit slows you down, 2 stops you but leaves turret functional, 3 and you’re done. 5 or 6 tanks going in a living room could be a lot of fun.

  1. little difference between a paintball gun and some real guns

    Apart from the barrel, breach, ammunition, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

    And you still have no idea why people keep calling you a wanker, do you?

      1. Keeping the conversation “civil” is why we have a problem with these jerks.

        If people like this were penalized for knowingly submitting a false report or submitting multiple false reports there’d be an awful lot less of them. The same goes for malicious complaints, something else we get far too much of.

      1. No. His point was the same one as always. Someone could use this to do “really bad thing” so no one should be allowed to have it. “really bad thing” doesn’t actually have to be bad, it just has to be something he doesn’t like.

      2. and? I mean its a valid observation, but what is the point that the OP is trying to make? that we shouldn’t allow paintball or any gun like toys? or we shouldnt feature people making cool things that could be weaponized?

        If its the former, good luck, because kids will turn anything into a gun like toy. Playing cops and robbers is a game that is centuries old and how children work out things such as moral direction and conflict resolution.

        If its the latter, then we shouldn’t feature any remote control vehicle at all as any of them could be weaponized. In fact we should stop featuring anything with servos or solenoids because it might foster the idea of a targeting/triggering mechanism.

        You cant save everyone, making the world a nanny state doesn’t help anyone progress and just stifles innovation.

        1. Where’s the speculation coming from? At my standpoint I’m just a Capt. Obvious in this. I replied this to a comment stating the ‘mechanical/physical difference’ of the gun and paintball marker, and pointed out that the OP’s point was it’s easy to swap out the paintball marker with a real gun whatever the use may be. I myself would’ve wanted to own one just for keks.

        2. He didn’t say anything of the kind. As others have pointed out, what he did say was more along the lines of ‘I don’t like it so you shouldn’t be allowed to have it’.

      3. Just for the exercise, do you realize how simple it is to convert two pieces of iron pipe into a simple shotgun? ANYTHING can be made into a firearm with a little ingenuity.
        This is a bit silly.

      4. His point is the ease of converting this to make use of a real gun. Period.

        Absolute rubbish. He’s simply waving his arms and screaming ‘Danger, Will Robinson’.

        1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m sick of those who stand in the way saying “No” while providing no alternative whatsoever. They have become part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  2. I’m not sure what you are getting at. Is it:

    1) paintball guns are the gateway to real guns?

    in which case, in most countries in the world both paintball guns and real gun ownership is legally possible. The laws and restrictions on gun ownership may be different in each country and may require different levels of checks and approvals but there is nothing illegal about ownership of either.


    2) this will lead to someone putting a real gun on a RC car / tank ?

    This has already been done and has been sold to many different law enforcement agencies. Most countries have laws on the books preventing this from being done for personal use but like any law, the consequences come when you are caught.

    Either way, anyone who handles a projectile weapon (be it paintball gun, cross bow, balista, trebuchet, etc.) should have enough common sense to be aware of the risks and consequences of such actions. Ignorance is never a good defense and people will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. In short, you can not save everyone all of the time and trying to is an exercise in futility.

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