High End PC Gets A Rustic Woodworking Piece Of Art For A Case

As [Matt] from [DIY Perks] was about to assemble a new PC, he decided to take a unique direction when it came to building a case. Despite the appearance of a woodworking piece with weird industrial radiators, there is actually a full-fledged, high-end PC hidden inside.

Those radiators are a pair of almost-the-biggest-you-can-buy heatsinks — one of which has been modified to fit the graphics card. Separating the graphics card’s stock cooling fan unit cut down significantly on noise and works with the stringent space requirements of the build. Those fans however keep other components on the card cool, so [Matt] cut pieces of copper plate to affix to these areas and joined them to the heatsink with a heat pipe, bent to shape. The elm wood case then began to take shape around the graphics card — cut into pieces to accommodate the heat pipes, and sealed with black tack to dampen the ‘coil whine’ of the GPU; it turns out the likely culprit are the MOSFETs, but close enough.

A similar plate and wood covers the compact motherboard; squashing the assembled motherboard into the confined space and connecting the myriad of tables took some doing, but [Matt] triumphed eventually, installing the CPU heatsink at the same time.

Thick aluminium shaped the main body of the component enclosure, and to create the smooth, curved look of the case’s front, [Matt] had to reinforce the corners of the central piece and do a substantial amount of sanding to get it just right. To support this beast, [Matt] cut four pieces of plywood into l-shapes and glued and screwed them together, bolting the central piece to this new support rack. A 500W power supply is hidden behind a few more pieces of elm, just under a custom backplate with only the necessary port holes cut into it.

But, what about those gaps on the front face and central tower? Thick flax rope complimented the elm nicely with a rustic, natural look and allowing just a bit of airflow to the aluminium brackets around the PC components for a bit of extra cooling. The end product is a whisper-quiet piece that is more than meets the eye. Some case mods, however, are the same inside and out.

[Thanks for the tip, Itay!]

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  1. Looks good, only nitpick in the video: “It is capable of driving even the most demanding of headphones” *then proceeds to plug in HD650s which are widely considered to be a pretty damn easy load to drive.

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