Pinball Wizard Hacks Table For Tommy Stage Show

Ever since he was a young hacker
[Mark Gibson] has messed with the silver ball.
From Soho down to Denver
he must have fixed them all.
But we ain’t seen anything like this
in any amusement hall.
That darn devious hacker
sure hacks a mean pinball.

He hacks it like an expert,
Becomes part of the machine
Automating all the bumpers
Always wiring clean
His table plays by automation,
And radio control for all
That darn devious hacker
sure hacks a mean pinball.

He’s a pin ball hacker
There has got to be a twist
A pin ball hacker,
With an automated cue list

How do you think he does it? I don’t know!
What makes him so good?
He uses internal power
Relay triggered buzzers and bells
To set those lights a flashin’
I hope it all goes well
I hope it gets a replay
And doesn’t fail at all
That darn devious hacker
sure hacks a mean pinball.


9 thoughts on “Pinball Wizard Hacks Table For Tommy Stage Show

  1. I remember Bally’s Wizard pinball machine fairly well. Don’t know if it was the very first “digital” pinball machine, but it was the first I ever worked on. First at a Bally repair seminar, then later when I took over all electronic / electro-mechanical maintenance for a large amusement hall. Either way was first pinball machine I remember that had a CPU board instead of relay logic. I THINK it was a 6800 based CPU board. Probably used 6821 PIAs. (Hey, talking mid 70s here!) I do recall it was a very fun game to play. After that Williams and others came out with their own digital machines.

      1. Never worked on a Fireball. Emphatically DID work on a Wizard, and not in the repair seminar. It was fully digital. What I do recall was subbing in 3055 transistors to replace stock OEM numbered parts that kept failing.

  2. This is ridiculous. Decent linked article, but terrible writeup. Almost completely uninformative. Someone thought they were being cute, and failed to to inform readers with even the most basic of synopses. Is this crap going in the “peer-reviewed journal”?

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments and discussion. I had a great time doing it and I’m glad you enjoyed reading about it.

    As far as I know a solid state Bally Wizard is unknown to the wider pinball collector community. If you have details you can share I hope you’ll do so. If not here then perhaps somewhere on or even PM me on or my own web site.

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