8 thoughts on “Wind-Blaster: Haptic Feedback That’ll Make You Recoil

  1. I would have thought that a method to achieve this results in a silent way would be to use TENS pads directly on the muscles, and a variable intensity charge depending on the feedback required.
    I’m not convinced at all of the propeller approach.

      1. Neat. What about impedance matching of the target tissue(s) using a wireless method for TENS and a certain signal to create the DC effect? Have to determine best frequency that is safe for the tissue targeted including transmission through the other tissues.

  2. I’m really glad to see this actually. I had the idea to do it a while back and stockpiled a bunch of small squirrel age fans for it, but never had the time. From reading the above, it seems ducted fans are the better route. I’ll be eager to see the evolution of this, to cover more scenarios. Anyone want to try suggesting the simplest setup for an arbitrary torque and force? (or even the most common ones, if you think you know them?)

  3. Variable pitch props would be more instantaneous response. And more controllable force acceleration and deceleration, as well as combining torsion with linear accell/decel.
    And I don’t imagine wielding anything with my fore arm, so wouldn’t it be better to mount it on the controller itself?

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