Code On Your Phone With CircuitPython Editor

[foamyguy] loves Python and messing around with electronics. Boards such as Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express make it easy for him to take both anywhere. He recently found himself wanting to program Circuit Python boards in the field, but doesn’t always have a laptop on him. So he created an Android app to make on-the-go programming fast and easy.

Using CircuitPython Editor and one or two USB cables, you can program Circuit Python boards with most Android device, including Tinkerboards. It features serial communication, a basic code editor, and a REPL sandbox for code-based castle building. [foamyguy]’s most recent addition to this work in progress is a macro creation tool that lets you edit and store modular, repeatable tasks, like turning all the NeoPixels blue, or lighting them up in a smiley face pattern. The Circuit Python board will draw its power from the Android device, so keep that in mind before you program some crazy light show.

You can get the app in the Play store or download it directly from the ‘hub. If you have any trouble setting it up, check out [foamyguy]’s Adafruit guide.

17 thoughts on “Code On Your Phone With CircuitPython Editor

      1. When my last phone died I couldn’t resist the temptation of a FLIR camera built in to the phone (at a reasonable price). It’s come in handy more times than I would’ve expected already.

    1. My intention is that it will eventually support Micropython proper as well. I did some early testing with a Micro:Bit but didn’t have success getting it working yet. In my cause Circuit Python came first because I happen to already have access to several Circuit Python boards to develop with due to using a few hundred of them for a project at work. I’ll be picking up a Micropython board soon to work on getting it supported by the app.

      1. It does have a CTRL-C button, but honestly that is mostly used for breaking out of the running and entering the REPL. Good news though you can use long press to select and copy/paste text similar to other apps on your phone.

      1. I’ve used it. It was good. It’s been a long time though, I stopped when my Droid Bionic became too slow to be useful and the Lapdock was discontinued so no HDMI love from my next phone. Now I have an S8 with DeX which would be awesome if it only supported a non-widescreen resolution. If I can find a good portable device that works well with DeX at a price I am willing to spend I might try to make my own Lapdock. I look forward to using ArduinoDroid again!

        I also look forward to using AIDE, a development environment for writing Android apps that actually runs on Android. It also supports plain non-Android Java, C++ console apps and with an optional extension it can support html and PhoneGap.

    1. It uses a “normal” Android EditText which lets you select text with long press and then copy/paste it. Still not great for writing huge programs but if you are in a pinch without a PC, or just need to edit a few lines real quick it’s great to be able to do it from a phone.

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