The Magnetic Rubik’s Cube

Ernő Rubik has much to answer for when it comes to the legacy of his namesake cube. It has both enthralled and tormented generations, allowing some to grandstand in the playground while others are forced to admit defeat in the face of a seemingly intractable puzzle. It just so happens that [Tom Parker] has been working on a Rubik’s cube with a novel magnetic design.

Yes, that’s right – [Tom]’s cube eschews the traditional rotating and sliding mechanism of the original cube, instead replacing it all with magnets. Each segment of the cube, along with the hidden center piece, is 3D printed. Through using a fused deposition printer, and pausing the print at certain layers, it’s possible to embed the magnets inside the part during the printing process.

[Tom] provides several different versions of the parts, to suit printers of different capabilities. The final cube allows both regular Rubik’s cube movements, but also allows for the player to cheat and reassemble it without having to throw it forcefully against the wall first like the original toy.

It’s an interesting build, and a great one to get to grips with the techniques involved in embedding parts in 3D prints. It may not be capable of solving itself, but we’ve seen another build that can pull off that impressive feat. Video after the break.

6 thoughts on “The Magnetic Rubik’s Cube

  1. This company has been manufacturing those entirely magnetic cubes for years I own one of those and they are completely impractical. They just explode randomly. Not to be confused with speed cubes that also include magnets that make them snap into position at the end of each quarter turn. Those are buttery bliss. But yeah, this is not novel at all.

  2. Coming from a cuber, this is extremely impractical. Magnets in cubes have been around for nearly a decade, and have been manufactured in cubes for a few years now(I think starting with the Gans UM). Also, get it right and don’t ever say “rubix” again, it’s Rubik’s.

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