SerialPlot Does Exactly What You Think It Does

The serial port remains a hacker staple, being one of the easiest ways to move a little bit of data from one machine to another. All manner of projects use the interface, and often, sensors are connected and their data read over such connections. In these cases, it can be useful to plot said data, and SerialPlot is a tool that can do just that.

SerialPlot is capable of reading data over several serial ports at once, and plotting it for your viewing pleasure. It’s capable of interpreting data in a variety of integer and float formats, and plotting multiple channels in a synchronised manner. It’s also capable of sending basic commands out over the serial port, which can be used to trigger or control attached equipment.

Overall, it’s a useful utility for anyone with an array of sensor’s connected over the most classic of interfaces. Of course, if you’re having trouble keeping track of all your serial ports, there’s a utility to help with that, too.

12 thoughts on “SerialPlot Does Exactly What You Think It Does

    1. Hm. I went there. I looked. Through all of the pages. Tons of information about how to build it, what you need to download, what binaries are available. Not a word I could find about what it does. I mean, there are screen shots, but these are completely cryptic, and I have no way of determining whether these were produced by Lorris directly, or by applications that use Lorris.

  1. Neat app. Reminds me of Parallel Port Complete, Programming the Parallel Port and seems like an article or more related to the Serial Port Interface in the old early 90’s Science Probe! magazine. Surprised there isn’t anything much online relating to the Science Probe! magazine. I might have to dig around to see what copies I still have and scan to post somewhere. Looks like Parallel Port Complete can be purchased for ~$2 now days.

    Haven’t toyed around with since the Win95. Makes me want to install Linux on an old machine with and see how and what can be done. Keep it up.

  2. I started using it about a week ago. Easy to install on Ubuntu, good extension of the set. Great, if you want to leave the limited Arduino IDE.

  3. > SerialPlot is capable of reading data over several serial ports at once

    No serialplot can’t do this. It can only connect to one port at once. But it can plot multiple channel data from *one* serialport, maybe you meant to say that.

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