Salty? Tip Canister To Rage Quit Games

Do you long for a more pronounced way to rage quit video games? Smashing buttons comes naturally, of course, but this hurts the controller or keyboard. You can quit your longing, because [Insert Controller Here] has an elegant solution that’s worth its salt.

The Salty Rage Quit Controller is simple. The cup is filled with distilled water. When you pour salt in it, the two bolt terminals tell the Arduino Micro that the resistance in the water has decreased. The Micro sends whatever keystrokes you want, so you could call out your deadbeat medic before quitting, or just plain leave. [Insert Controller Here] has example code on his site to get you started. Click calmly past the break to watch the demo and build videos, or we’ll have to ban you for aggro.

With the right tools, you can turn anything into a game controller. Check out this car controller that uses Python and CAN bus sniffing.

Build video:

Thanks for the tip, [foamyguy]!

42 thoughts on “Salty? Tip Canister To Rage Quit Games

  1. If I understand, this is a way for people to get out of the game in frustration when they start losing. Why not wire something like a big red button to the reset switch of the computer ( or build a resetable outlet in the case of a console ) ? Smash the button and you are out . Warranted satisfaction.

  2. Overengineered… Unless you have an aversion to premixing the salt with water. If you don’t:
    1) Premix salt with water
    2) Dump water into power supply of gaming system when you want to ragequit

    1. “Get good” is just toxic to me. It doesn’t make sense to throw new players and experienced players together in such a way that “get good” is an appropriate thing to say. We don’t do that with any real life sports, can you imagine:

      Newbie:- “Oh gee, I’m really excited to try boxing for the first time”
      Boxing club:- “You’re in the ring in ten seconds”
      Newbie:- “Oh gee, I thought I’d get taught how to fight first, oh gee”
      Boxing club:- “five, four, three, two, one, fight!”
      Newbie:- “Oh gee, ok, let’s try this”, punch step punch, “oh gee”
      Mike Tyson:- ONE PUNCH, “get gud”

      1. Not hard to organize in a well thought game server. In the initial levels you just have the basic weapons/things/powers, and to advance to the upper levels need to get good enough in the first ones.

        As people get better, they will go to play in the upper levels, and most will not go back to the basic ones just to harass the beginners. And even if they do it, the weapons/powers/etc would be limited, so they cannot do much harm.

        But I believe the article focuses on those bad gamers that get angry when the game doesn´t go in the way they want, and forget that a game should be something of a fun experience, not something to get angry and stressed about. And then go on about harassing the beginners/not-so-good players because they don´t play the way they believe it should be played.

    1. It means that these are guys that have never grown up and learned how to control themselves. Just like a 2 year old that throws a rage fit when you dont give them what they want. Its the same thing. That part of their brain never matured into adulthood.

  3. I get this is a joke, but cowards leaving in the middle of games because they are losing is an serious problem. It would have been nice for the author to mention so if does not condone this kind of behavior.

  4. This would be better if the transition from conducting to non conducting triggered the keystrokes to quit the game. Get mad and then slap the bejeezus out of the salt water filled cup to quit the game.

  5. Why not have a setup like this:

    You have a big red button lighted, that says “rage quit”. When you hit the button, an arduino connected to the button sends a signal to a raspberry pi , which sends a signal to a web connected framework, that sends a signal to another raspberry pi, that sends a signal to an arduino running a keyboard emulator, that sends a text message to the other players, and then rage quits.

    there needs to be an i7 somewhere, running docker to coordinate everything, and a few google, azure services to make it really convenient and fast.

  6. How about this.

    A button connected to an arduno.

    When you hit the button, the arduino sends a signal to a raspberry pi.

    the raspberry pi sends a MQTT request to a server, running a docker container.

    The server sends back a response to another raspberry pi.

    the other raspberry pi sends a response to another arduino.

    the other arduino configured as a keyboard, sends the text “rage quit!!!” to the other players, and then quits.

    this solution is very simple, let me type it up and post a tutorial. It’s sure to get accepted here.

  7. wow everyone is so salty about this post – is the comment section some extra part of the joke? can’t you folks just enjoy a whimsical creation that isn’t made by simone giertz?

  8. It’s meant as a pun. Gamers refer to expressions of anger and profanity as “salt” and “being salty”. While it might not be a particularily complicated project, it’s not as random and nonsensical as the artical makes it out to be.

  9. It surely is a problem people don’t consider how people at the other end are affected.

    But quitting a game? No issue. You win, if you stay, so nothing serious happened.

    Being all controlled is not being adult either, it’s domesticated, supressing your valid emotions.

    As usual, the answer isn’t black or white.

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