Nintendo Switch Gets A Stylish Dock In A Broken NES

The Switch is Nintendo’s latest home console, which has forever blurred the line between handhelds and consoles you plug in to your TV. It does both! Typically, hooking up to a screen is done through the dock, but that wasn’t quite cool enough for [sturm]. He took a NES and turned it into a tidy Switch dock instead!

The build starts with an original NES shell, which is gutted of its original hardware. The PCB from the original dock is installed, and a slot cut in the top of the NES to allow the Switch to be inserted. Naturally, there’s a spring flap reminiscent of the Super NES to keep the dock looking clean when not in use. When it is installed, a series of cables and bezels break out the USB ports to the original controller ports on the NES.

It’s a tidy build that brings a touch of nostalgia to the modern console. We’re sure an official version would sell like hotcakes, too. There’s plenty of similarly inspired builds for the Switch, with the Gamecube Joycons a particular highlight!

NES Switch dock (build pics in comments) from NintendoSwitch

13 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Gets A Stylish Dock In A Broken NES

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  1. Looks like a screen scratch generator.. Bit more clearance would be nice.

    Be even more impressive if it was still a functional NES.. I believe there would be enough space to make it so too.

  2. The problem I have with this article is the “broken NES” part. There’s no such thing, they are nigh indestructible. The pins might need re-bent but that’s about it. So a probably fully working NES sacrificed it’s life for yet another usless switch dock.

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